North Wiltshire

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Coordinates: 51°27′40″N 2°07′08″W / 51.461°N 2.119°W / 51.461; -2.119

North Wiltshire District
North Wiltshire
Shown within non-metropolitan Wiltshire
Status: District
Region: South West England
Admin. County: Wiltshire
- Total
Ranked 48th
767.68 km²
Admin. HQ: Chippenham
ONS code: 46UC
Ethnicity: 98.2% White
North Wiltshire District Council
Leadership: Leader & Cabinet

North Wiltshire was a local government district in Wiltshire, England, formed on 1 April 1974, by a merger of the municipal boroughs of Calne, Chippenham, and Malmesbury along with Calne and Chippenham Rural District, Cricklade and Wootton Bassett Rural District and Malmesbury Rural District. It shared its name with the North Wiltshire parliamentary constituency, the boundaries of which were coterminous with that of the district until 1997.

The new body's headquarters were in central Chippenham at Bewley House, a large office block which had been built in 1967 for Calne and Chippenham Rural District Council.[1][2] They later moved to newly built offices at Monkton Park, another site in the town centre, overlooking the River Avon.[3]

The district was abolished on 1 April 2009 as part of the 2009 structural changes to local government in England, when its functions were taken over by the new Wiltshire Council unitary authority.

Post-abolition events[edit]

Wiltshire Council retained the Monkton Park building as a satellite of its main offices at County Hall, Trowbridge.[4]

Some local services, which had been the responsibility of the district council and had passed in 2009 to Wiltshire Council, were later transferred to the larger town and parish councils. Thus, by 2019, Chippenham Town Council had taken charge of a large park, a community centre and play areas, as well as services such as grounds maintenance and street cleaning.[5]

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