Northern General Hospital

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Northern General Hospital
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Location Fir Vale, Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, UK
Care system NHS
Hospital type Teaching / large acute
Affiliated university Sheffield Medical School (University of Sheffield) & Faculty of Health and Wellbeing of Sheffield Hallam University.
Emergency department Yes
Beds 1100
Founded 1878 (as Fir Vale Workhouse)[1]
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The Northern General Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Sheffield, England. Its departments include Accident and Emergency for adults, with children being treated at the Sheffield Children's Hospital on Western Bank. The hospital is run by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which also runs the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.


The Hospital was established in 1878 as Fir Vale Workhouse, which contained the Smilter Lane/Herries Road Children's Homes.

By 1967 the site contained two hospitals which had developed from the Workhouse: Fir Vale Infirmary and the City General Hospital. This overall entity was then renamed as the 'Northern General Hospital'.[2]


The hospital consists of six wings.[3] Many of the older wings are named after significant families and individuals from Sheffield, particularly in the steel industry:

  • Huntsman Building – named for Benjamin Huntsman, mostly orthopaedics, but also contains the A&E, Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU), X-Ray departments, the theatres, one of four Outpatients' departments, a large dining room and the site's main Medical Records department
  • Firth Wing – named for Mark Firth and containing CCU, Vascular surgery and other surgical wards
  • Chesterman Wing – the regional cardiology centre
  • Vickers Corridor – named for Edward Vickers, primarily Renal and endocrine diseaseas well as containing departments of Sheffield Medical School and the Sheffield Kidney Institute. The wing previously housed the SAC (surgical assessment centre) ward before a new Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) was opened in the Huntsman building in 2010.[4]
  • Sorby Wing – named for Henry Clifton Sorby, and containing the renal outpatients unit
  • Osborn Building – named for Sir Samuel Osborn Steelmaker, the spinal unit
  • Brearley Wing – named for Harry Brearley, and containing the respiratory and rehabilitation wards and a dining area
  • Bev Stokes Day-surgery Unit
  • Critical care department – contains ICU (intensive care unit), HDU (high dependency unit) and POSU (post operative surgical unit)
  • Hadfield Wing – named for Sir Robert Hadfield, this is the latest addition and houses departments to be moved from soon-to-be emptied wings of the hospital, and a new neck of femur ward. This structure is 6-storeys tall and contains a full-height atrium, allowing natural light to enter the wards. As part of the redevelopment, the area around was landscaped
  • Clock Tower Building containing containing dining facilities, Volunteers Office, Medical Secretaries, Security, Human Resources and the hospital's museum
  • Other buildings – the Longley Centre for psychiatry, the Oakwood Young Peoples Centre, Rivermead Unit, Samuel Fox House and the Medical Education Centre (for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and medical training), Macmillan Cancer Unit and five outpatients' departments

A Therapy Services OPD for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and the Hadfield Wing has been opened.[when?] There has been a proposal for a multi-storey car park to alleviate congestion on the site.[citation needed]

The hospital has links with the University of Sheffield, where doctors and nurses are trained, and Sheffield Hallam University, where nurses, midwives and professions allied to medicine are trained.

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Sheffield Hallam University, a local provider of courses and training for allied health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and paramedics, which provides postgraduate study in professions allied to medicine.

University of Sheffield, a local provider of medical and nursing training and postgraduate study.

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