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Northern Utah is the region in the state of Utah in the United States which runs along Wasatch Mountains (see Wasatch Front). The term Northern Utah refers specifically to the chain of cities running north to south from Logan to Provo with Kaysville and Farmington at the center.

Two distinct definitions of Northern Utah exist. The first is a geographical definition the and first is a cultural definition.

Geographical Definition The map of the state of Utah reveals the concentration of cities from Provo north. Northern Utah includes the more populated areas in the northern half of the state. This simple definition is the most widely accepted usage of the term Northern Utah.

Cultural Definition Cultures vary a great deal along the Wasatch Front, from Provo (the youngest city by average age in America)[1] to Logan (one of the oldest cities by average age in America). [2] Some have suggested that the Cache Valley region (the furthest northeast region of Utah) is more culturally similar to Southern Idaho or Western Wyoming than it is to other parts of Northern Utah. [3] The cultural hotspot of Northern Utah is often considered to be Davis County, where most of the region's suburban residents reside.[4] One might define cultural Northern Utah as the lifestyle of Davis County residents.


Coordinates: 41°00′N 111°54′W / 41.0°N 111.9°W / 41.0; -111.9