Nostalgia Night

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Noche de la Nostalgia
Official name Noche de la Nostalgia
Observed by  Uruguay
Type National
Date 24 August
Next time 24 August 2019 (2019-08-24)
Related to dancing, oldies

In Uruguay, the Nostalgia Night (Spanish: Noche de la Nostalgia) is celebrated every 24th of August. Every dancing club, broadcasting station and many other events play "nostalgic music" (oldies).


Its origins are somehow disputed. It started in the 24 August 1978. According to José Fernández, owner of the Disco Ton Ton Metek, as every 24 August is the day before Uruguayan Independence Day, a national holiday, once he proposed to Pablo Lecueder (director of the broadcast program Old Hits, in the then CX32 Radiomundo) to do something in a night that could be commercially profitable.

That same year, the 24 August at night (disputed) in Ton Ton was held the first Nostalgia Night. The night repeated its success and become part of Uruguayan folklore.

Uruguayans are said to be typically nostalgic.[1] Be it for that or for whatever reason, the Nostalgia Night is such a success that it was officially named by the Ministry of Tourism.[2]


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