Nuestra Belleza México 2007

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Nuestra Belleza México 2007
Date October 6, 2007
Presenters Alfredo Adame, Jacqueline Bracamontes
Entertainment Kalo
Venue Auditorio "Profr. Manuel Bonilla Valle", Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico
Broadcaster Televisa
Entrants 33
Placements 15
Withdrawals Baja California, Guerrero
Returns Estado de México, San Luis Potosí
Winner Elisa Nájera[1]

The 14th Nuestra Belleza México pageant, was held at the Auditorio "Profr. Manuel Bonilla Valle" of Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico on October 6, 2007. Thirty-three contestants of the Mexican Republic competed for the national title, which was won by Elisa Nájera from Guanajuato, who later competed in Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam where she was the 4th Runner-up. Nájera was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza México titleholder Rosa María Ojeda. She is the first and only Guanajuatense to win this title.

The Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title was won by Anagabriela Espinoza from Nuevo León, who later competed in Miss World 2008 in South Africa where she was a semifinalist in the Top 15. Espinoza was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Mundo México titleholder Carolina Morán. She was the second Neoleonesa to win this title.

This year, the Nuestra Belleza México Organization re-obtained the franchise of Miss International pageant, and selected to Priscila Perales, Nuestra Belleza México 2005 to compete in Miss International 2007 in Japan, winning the title, becoming the first Mexican to win this beauty pageant.

Lorenza Bernot from Morelos was selected by the Nuestra Belleza México Organization as Nuestra Belleza Internacional México 2008 and later competed in Miss International 2008 in Macau. She was the second Morelense to win this Title.

The recognition "Corona al Mérito 2007" was for Luz María Zetina, Nuestra Belleza México 1994 and actress.



Final Results Contestant
Nuestra Belleza México 2007
Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2007
Suplente/1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
3rd Runner-up
Top 10
Top 15

Order of announcements[edit]

Special awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Miss Top Model
Contestants' Choice
Miss Talent
Miss Sports
Academic Award
Fuller Beauty Queen
Best Hair Optims
Best Skin Nutrimilk
Steps to Fame

National Costume Competition[edit]

In this competition the contestants are not evaluated, only the costumes. It is a competition showing the country's wealth embodied in the colorful and fascinating costumes made by Mexican designers combining the past and present of Mexico.

For the Nuestra Belleza México Organization this event is very important because it discloses the creative work of the great Mexican designers and also elects the costume to represent Mexico in Miss Universe the next year. Also, some costumes are elected to represent Mexico in other beauty contests.

The winning costume designer receives the "Aguja Diamante Award".

Final Results Contestant
  •  Yucatán - "Chichén Itza, Maravilla del Mundo"


They were the same judges at the Preliminary and Final Competition.

  • Alessandra RosaldoActress & Singer
  • Carlos LatapiPhotographer
  • Elsa BurgosMiss Costa Maya International 2002 & Television Hostess
  • Eugenio DerbezActor, Comedian & Producer
  • Gerardo RebolloAccessory Designer & Fashion Coordinator
  • José Luis AbarcaFashion Designer
  • Madeleine GarcíaFuller Cosmetics Manager
  • Marisol GonzálezNuestra Belleza México 2002 & Actress

Background music[edit]

  • Opening Number: "Medley of the host State" by Contestants
  • Intermediate: Kalo
  • Crowning Moment: "Nuestra Belleza México" (Official Theme)


State Contestant Age Hometown
Aguascalientes Aguascalientes Paulina Talamantes Chávez 20 Aguascalientes
Baja California Sur Baja California Sur Claudia Cepeda Terán 18 Comondú
Baja California Sur Baja California Sur Luz María Duhart Irabien 19 Los Cabos
Campeche Campeche Rossina Saravia Lugo 21 Campeche
Chiapas Chiapas Natalia Ruíz Álvarez 19 Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Chihuahua (state) Chihuahua Lucía Georgina Holguín Lozano 21 Chihuahua
Chihuahua (state) Chihuahua Priscila Trejo Pérez 19 Chihuahua
Coahuila Coahuila Alejandra Martínez Zepeda 18 Torreón
Colima Colima Irene Chavira Maravilla 19 Colima
Mexico City Distrito Federal María José Del Cueto Dávalos 22 Mexico City
Mexico City Distrito Federal Vanessa Huppenkothen Labra 23 Mexico City
Durango Durango Dulce María Esparza Chaidez 21 Durango
State of Mexico Estado de México Verónica Espinosa De la Piedra 23 Toluca
Guanajuato Guanajuato Elisa Nájera Gualito 21 Celaya
Jalisco Jalisco Esmeralda Pimentel Murguía 18 Guadalajara
Jalisco Jalisco María Guadalupe "Lupita" González Gallegos 19 Tepatitlán
Michoacán Michoacán Yasamin Samiei Vela 19 Morelia
Morelos Morelos Lorenza Bernot Krauze 19 Cuernavaca
Nayarit Nayarit Ana Karen Romero Ponce 18 Tepic
Nuevo León Nuevo León Anagabriela Espinoza Marroquín 19 Monterrey
Nuevo León Nuevo León Fabiola Guajardo Martínez 20 Monterrey
Puebla Puebla Esther Rios Riveramelo 23 Puebla
Querétaro Querétaro Adriana Monroy Mendoza 20 Querétaro
Quintana Roo Quintana Roo Almendra Espino Landeros 18 Chetumal
San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí Karla García Tejada 21 San Luis Potosí
Sinaloa Sinaloa Yessica Morales Zazueta 21 Culiacán
Sonora Sonora Carla Cardona González 20 Cananea
Sonora Sonora Lydia Bernal Liñan 20 Hermosillo
Sonora Sonora Nilza Domínguez Aguayo 18 Hermosillo
Tamaulipas Tamaulipas Valerie Padilla Pontvianne 18 Tampico
Veracruz Veracruz Paloma Garcíaferro Lajud 19 Veracruz
Yucatán Yucatán Valentina Cervera Ávila 20 Mérida
Zacatecas Zacatecas Edna Paulina Vargas Whitehead 23 Zacatecas

1 Nadia Ramos had to leave the competition due to a family emergency, but was given another chance to compete the next year.


Returning states[edit]


  •  Baja California – Nadia Ramos had to leave the competition due to a family emergency, but was given another chance to compete the next year.
  •  Guerrero


  • Guanajuato won the Nuestra Belleza México title for the first time.
  • This year the crown of Nuestra Belleza México suffers his fourth change, this new model would continue only this year.
  • Nuevo León won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title for the second time (before 1995).
  • Morelos was appointed as Nuestra Belleza Internacional México for the second time (before 1999).
  • This year begins with the first model of crown of Nuestra Belleza Internacional México, this model would continue until 2009.
  • Jalisco was the Suplente/1st Runner-up for the second time (before 2006).
  • Estado de México return to competition after two years (2005) and San Luis Potosí after three years (2004).
  • Jalisco was placed for fourth consecutive year in the Top 5.
  • Colima was placed for second consecutive year in the Top 5.
  • Tamaulipas placed for ninth consecutive year.
  • Distrito Federal, Jalisco and Nuevo León placed for fifth consecutive year.
  • Colima, Chihuahua and Sonora placed for second consecutive year.
  • Chiapas returned to making calls to the semi-finals after eleven years (1996) and Guanajuato, Morelos, Veracruz and Yucatán after two years (2005).
  • States that were called to the semi-finals last year and this year failed to qualify were Coahuila, Michoacán, Nayarit, Puebla and Sinaloa.
  • For the first time Alfredo Adame hosted Nuestra Belleza México, with Jacqueline Bracamontes who was her third time.
  • Morelos won Miss Top Model for the first time.
  • Jalisco won Contestants' Choice and the Best Hair Award for the first time.
  • Sonora won Miss Talent and Steps to Fame Award for the first time.
  • Distrito Federal won Miss Sports for the second time (before 2006).
  • Nuevo León won the Academic Award for the first time.
  • Guanajuato won Fuller Beauty Queen for the first time.
  • Yucatán won Best National Costume for the third time (before 2001 and 2004).
  • The host delegate, Irene Chavira from Colima, placed 3rd Runner-up.

Contestants notes[edit]


Contestants who had competed or will compete at other beauty pageants:

Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Earth
Miss Intercontinental
Miss Continente Americano
Mexico's Next Top Model
Reinado Internacional del Café
World Sea Queen
Miss Costa Maya International
Miss Tourism Bikinni of the World
Miss Earth México
Señorita Universidad


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