Nuseir Yassin

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Nuseir Yassin
NationalityPalestinian, Israeli
Other namesNas
OccupationVideo blogger
Years active2013-present
Known forNas Daily

Nuseir Yassin (Arabic: نصير ياسين‎) is a travel video blogger who created daily 1-minute videos on Facebook under the page Nas Daily. He describes himself as Palestinian-Israeli.[1] Today, he operates a video making company named the Nas Daily Corporation.

Early life and career[edit]

Yassin was born in Arraba, Israel, to a Muslim-Arab family of Palestinian descent.[2][3] He is the second of four children of a teacher, his mother, and a psychologist, his father.[2][4] His native language is Arabic; he also speaks English and Hebrew.[5]

Setting his sights on the Ivy League schools in the United States, Yassin applied to Harvard seeking a degree in aerospace engineering at the age of 19 and received a scholarship.[4] He stated that he got accepted on account of his application essay that detailed his struggle to achieve his dreams being an Arab born in Israel.[2] He graduated with a degree in economics in 2014 and also studied computer science.[4][5] While earning his degree, Yassin co-founded the website Kindify, a pay-it-forward registration service, with Gal Koren and Peregrine Badger in 2011.[6][7]

In September 2014, he started working as a software developer for Venmo, a mobile payment service owned by PayPal where he earned a salary of US$120,000.[8][9]

Nas Daily[edit]

In 2016, after saving around US$60,000, of which 20,000 was in liquid cash,[9] Yassin quit his job at Venmo and started traveling all over the world.[8][4] He decided to start a Facebook page named Nas Daily, where "Nas" means "people" in Arabic, and committed to creating a video everyday for 1,000 days.[4] The first country he visited was Kenya.[9] One of his first activities was to teach five people in Nigeria how to create videos, for which[clarification needed] he earned US$3,000 per month.[9] His source of income is ad revenue from his Facebook page, selling T-shirts, and consulting for people interested in multimedia.[4] After meeting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in early 2018, Nas Daily was upgraded to "show" status.[10] In September 2018, his Facebook page had over 8 million followers. [11] and this rose to over 10 million by November of the same year.[12]

Yassin stated that his videos are one minute long because viewers are busy and that he posts on Facebook instead of YouTube, where he could be earning more money, because "my friends don't go on YouTube".[9] He also stated that interactions are more personal on Facebook, where user accounts are tied to actual people as opposed to YouTube.[9] His videos are shot using an SLR camera with an attached microphone, edited during the night, and then released the next morning.[10] On average, each video takes around six hours to shoot and three hours to edit.[2] Yassin chooses topics to feature on his videos based on suggestions provided by his Facebook followers, either through in-person meetings or online chat applications.[11] He ends his videos with the tagline: "That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!"[10]

Among the people who travel with Yassin and help create his videos are Alyne Tamir, an American-Israeli video maker and his girlfriend,[3] and Agon Hare, a video blogger and musician from Poland.[10]

After Nas Daily[edit]

Nas finished his 1000 daily video journey on 5th January 2019. He ended his last video with the tagline "Thats one minute, see you soon".[1] He is planning to move to San Francisco and start a video making company. He is also planning to do something bigger and better than the current type of videos.[2]


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