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Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)[1] Mobile Broadcast Services Enabler Suite (BCAST) is an open global specification for mobile TV and on-demand video services which can be adapted to any IP-based mobile and P2P content delivery technology. Designed to support broadcast technologies such as DVB-H, 3GPP MBMS, 3GPP2 and mobile unicast streaming systems (and now also incorporated into ATSC-M/H), OMA's BCAST 1.0 standard uses an XML structure to specify a variety of features including:

  • Electronic service guide
  • File and stream delivery
  • Service and content protection using the smart card or DRM profiles
  • Terminal and service provisioning
  • Interactivity
  • Notifications

The first mobile TV solution to offer end-to-end service and content protection according to both OMA BCAST smart card and OMA DRM profiles was demonstrated in April, 2007.[2]

Security issues with DRM Profile[edit]

Broadcast services requirements being completely different from VOD, OMA BCAST Smartcard profile has been recommended by all the industries to be the unified standard used for Mobile TV broadcast.


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