Oceania Tennis Federation

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Oceania Tennis Federation
Oceania Tennis Federation's official logo.png
Oceania (orthographic projection).svg
Member nations of Oceania Tennis Federation
Sport Tennis
Jurisdiction Regional
Abbreviation (OTF)
Founded 1993
Affiliation International Tennis Federation
Affiliation date 1993
President Cyrille MAINGUY (Vanuatu)[1]
Board Members Celia Patrick (New Zealand), Bruce Osborne (Australia), Ernestine Rengiil (Palau), Torgun Smith (Guam), Wilfred Sacault (Tahiti), Darran Wrighton (ITF Development Officer – Pacific Oceania)[1]
Chief Exec David Smith (New Zealand) & Richard Breen (Fiji))[1]
Sponsor [2]
Official website

Oceania Tennis Federation (OTF) is the regional governing body of tennis in Oceania. It was formed as a regional association of International Tennis Federation in 1993 with seven member nations to foster the development of tennis in the Oceania region specially main focus on small island nations (territories/dependencies) and Papua New Guinea as the structure of tennis in both Australia and New Zealand was already well developed. The organisation started with seven members now have twenty one countries in its member's list.

Member Nations[edit]

Oceania Tennis Federation has 19 full-time member nations and two New Caledonia and Tahiti are the associate members. This is an alphabetically ordered list of full members of OTF:[3]

Country Association Headquarter
 American Samoa American Samoa Tennis Association Pago Pago
 Australia Tennis Australia Melbourne
 Cook Islands Cook Islands Tennis Rarotonga
 Fiji Fiji Tennis Association Lautoka
 Guam Guam National Tennis Federation Agana
 Kiribati Kiribati Tennis Association Tarawa
 Federated States of Micronesia Micronesia Tennis Association Pohnpei
 New Caledonia Ligue Caledonienne de Tennis (Associate member's) Nouméa
 New Zealand Tennis New Zealand Auckland
 Norfolk Island Norfolk Islands Tennis Association Kingston
 Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands Tennis Association Saipan
 Palau Palau Tennis Federation Koror
 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Lawn Tennis Association Port Moresby
 Samoa Samoa Tennis Association Apia
 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Tennis Association Honiara
 Tahiti Tahitian Tennis Federation Papeete
 Tonga Tonga Tennis Association Nuku Alofa
 Tuvalu Tuvalu Tennis Association Funafuti
 Vanuatu Vanuatu Tennis Federation Port Vila

ANZ Schools plan[edit]

In 1994 OTF President Geoff Pollard initiated a program allowing more children to play tennis at school level; OTF player development and marketing consultant Barry McMillan reached to ANZ Banking Group with this scheme for financial support. ANZ group agreed to this deal to sponsor a tennis in schools program in Pacific Island nations.[4]


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