Okhotsk atka mackerel

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Okhotsk atka mackerel
Pleurogrammus azonus 2.jpg
P. azonus in a tank
Scientific classification
P. azonus
Binomial name
Pleurogrammus azonus

The Okhotsk atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus azonus) commonly known as hokke in Japan, also known as the Arabesque greenling, is a mackerel-like species in the family Hexagrammidae.[1] The primary population of the fish is found off the Sea of Okhotsk. According to legend, it was discovered by Nichiji.


Pleurogrammus azonus is occasionally considered synonymous with the Atka mackerel, P. monopterygius (Nelson 1994). However, it is probably a separate species.[2] This fish was also documented as Stellistius katsukii but the older name Pleurogrammus azonus takes precedence.


Commercial capture of Okhotsk atka mackerel
in tonnes from 1950 to 2009 [3]
Okhostk atka mackerel,hokke-yakizakana-teisyoku,syari-town,japan.JPG

As food[edit]

The Okhotsk atka mackerel is an important fish in Japanese cuisine. Known as hokke in Japanese, the fish can be fresh, dried, or frozen, and can be served raw, boiled, grilled or fried.


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