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For the class of fatty acids, see Omega-7 fatty acid.

Omega 7 was a small Cuban terrorist group based in Florida and New York made up of Cuban exiles whose stated goal was to overthrow Fidel Castro.[1] The group had fewer than 20 members.

In 1983, the leader of the group was reported to be Eduardo Arocena.[1]

Omega 7 formed in the early 1960s. Omega 7 is now said to be disbanded, with some of its leaders imprisoned in the United States. Omega 7 is considered a terrorist organization by the Cuban government. According to the FBI, its members are mostly Bay of Pigs veterans trained in demolition, intelligence, and commando techniques. Omega 7 operated internationally but is said to have carried out most of its attacks in the USA; these were mainly car bombings and direct assassinations, most of them done in a manner very difficult to trace.

These paramilitary groups have been accused of plotting and carrying out numerous assassinations of Cuban communist political leaders, spies, and supporters, as well as attacks on Cuban airliners, Cuban government-run hotels, embassies, and ships. During their most active years (1960s-1980s) Omega 7, like other anti-Castro movements, were seen favorably by many Cubans in exile and anti-communists.

A more well-known brother group was Alpha 66 (still extant).

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