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P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd (P&T, traditional Chinese: 巴馬丹拿; simplified Chinese: 巴马丹拿), formerly known as Palmer and Turner Hong Kong and in Chinese as "Kung Wo Yeung Hong" (公和洋行), is a firm of architects who have designed many landmark buildings in Hong Kong, Shanghai and in southeast Asia.


Based in Hong Kong, P&T claims its roots when architect William Salway set up his own practice on 1 October 1868.[1] Herbert William Bird, a partner of the firm from 1901–28,[2] was also a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. Hong Kong public records suggest that Palmer & Turner arose out of Palmer & Bird – a prominent firm at the time whose senior partner was Lennox Godfrey Bird, younger brother of HW Bird.[3]

P&T, having been working in the region since 1998, opened an office in Dubai in 2004.[4][5]

Hong Kong[edit]

Notable commissions in Hong Kong include:[2]


Notable commissions in Shanghai include:


Notable commissions in Singapore include:

  • Rediffusion Building, Clemenceau Avenue (1948-9)
  • MacDonald House, Orchard Road (1949)
  • Sandes Soldiers Home, Portsdown Road (1949)
  • Odeon Cinema, North Bridge Road (1953)
  • Bank of China Building, Battery Road (1953)

Part of P&T building works[edit]


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