Palestinian Authority Government of October 2002

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The Palestinian Authority Government of October 2002 was a government of the Palestinian National Authority (PA) from October 2002 to April 2003, headed by Yasser Arafat, the President of the Palestinian National Authority. The Cabinet was largely equal to the June Government, from which six Ministers had resigned.

In April 2003, the next Government led by Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas was established.

Powers and jurisdiction[edit]

Pursuant to the Oslo Accords, the authority of the PA Government was limited to some civil rights of the Palestinians in the West Bank Areas A and B and in the Gaza Strip, and to internal security in Area A and in Gaza.

Members of the Government [1][edit]

Minister Office Party
0 Yasser Arafat President of "Council of Ministers" Fatah
1 Salam Fayyad Finance Independent
2 Hani al-Hasan Interior Fatah
3 Yasser Abed Rabbo Information and Culture Palestine Democratic Union (FIDA)
4 Nabil Shaath Planning and International Cooperation Fatah
5 Na'im Abu al-Hummus Education Fatah
6 Intissar al-Wazir Social Affairs Fatah
7 Nabeel Kassis Tourism and Antiquities Independent
8 Zuhair Sourani Justice Independent
9 Saeb Erekat Local Governance Fatah
10 Azzam al-Ahmad Housing Fatah
11 Maher al-Masri Economy, Trade and Industry Fatah
12 Abdel Rahman Hamad Engergy and Natural Resources Fatah
13 Rafiq al-Natsheh Agriculture Fatah
14 Ahmad al-Shibi Health Fatah
15 Ghassan Khatib Labor Palestinian People's Party
16 Mitri Abu Eita Transportation and Telecommunication Independent
17 Abdul Aziz Shahin Rations Independent
18 Samir Ghosheh Orient House Director Independent
19 Hisham Abdul Razeq Prisoners Affairs Fatah

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