Visa policy of Palestine

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Entry stamp
Exit stamp
Entry and exit stamps.

Visa policy of Palestine refers to specific entry conditions into the Palestinian territories. There are no visa conditions imposed on foreign nationals other than those imposed by visa policy of Israel. Access to Jerusalem and the West Bank is controlled by the Government of Israel and access to Gaza is controlled by Hamas. Visitors who enter via Allenby Bridge-King Hussein border crossing and make their connections to the West Bank or plans to travel to the West Bank known may be given an entry stamp that permits travel only in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank. Exiting Gaza via the Erez crossing into Israel is nearly impossible. Exit through the Rafah border crossing into Egypt is unpredictable and requires prior permission from Egyptian authorities. The crossing often closes for extended time periods in which visitors are unable to leave Gaza Strip.[1] Visitors of Palestinian origin need a Palestinian passport or travel document in order to leave and may enter only via Allenby Border Crossing. Visitors of Israeli origin are not allowed to enter via Allenby Border Crossing.[2][3]

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