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Palm Springs, CA
Palm Springs Amtrak Station-3.jpg
Palm Springs station in 2013
LocationN. Indian Canyon Drive and Palm Springs Station Road
Palm Springs, California[1][2]
United States
Coordinates33°53′52″N 116°32′53″W / 33.89778°N 116.54806°W / 33.89778; -116.54806Coordinates: 33°53′52″N 116°32′53″W / 33.89778°N 116.54806°W / 33.89778; -116.54806
Owned byCity of Palm Springs
Line(s)UP Yuma Subdivision[3]
Platforms1 side platform
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station codePSN
OpenedJune 1997
20173,142[4]Increase 3.3%
Preceding station BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak Following station
Ontario Sunset Limited Yuma
Texas Eagle Yuma
toward Chicago
Former services
Preceding station BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak Following station
Ontario Sunset Limited Indio
toward Orlando
Texas Eagle Indio
toward Chicago

Palm Springs is a train station in Palm Springs, California, United States, served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The Sunset Limited and the Texas Eagle, combined, provide a thrice-weekly service in each direction.

This is not a full-service station. The station comprises a single platform and an open-air shelter with a roof. It was built in 1999, and the property is owned by the City of Palm Springs.[2] No services are offered at this unmanned station. The station is approximately 7 miles (11 km) north of Palm Springs, and there are no connecting transportation services between the station and downtown except for taxi cabs and app-based ride services.


Ridership at the Palm Springs station declined from 2010 to 2013, in large part due to the normally inconvenient service times to and from Los Angeles. In FY2010, the station served 6,061 passengers.[5] This declined to 5,897 passengers in FY2011 (-2.7%),[6] and then to 4,945 passengers in FY2012 (-16.1%).[7] As of FY2013, Palm Springs station's ridership further declined to 3,113 passengers, corresponding to an average boarding or detraining of just 8–9 passengers daily, making Palm Springs the 71st-busiest of the 74 stations served by Amtrak in California in FY2013.[8] Following the 2016 schedule change for the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle, inbound trains depart at 2:02 am and outbound trains arrive at 12:36 am.[9]

Greyhound Bus Lines[edit]

Greyhound Bus Lines also has a stop (no ticketing) at the station.[10]

Platforms and tracks[edit]

Track 1  Sunset Limited toward Los Angeles (Ontario)
 Sunset Limited toward New Orleans (Yuma)
 Texas Eagle toward Los Angeles (Ontario)
 Texas Eagle toward Chicago (Yuma)


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