Paresi–Waura languages

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Central Maipurean
Brazil, Bolivia
Linguistic classification: Arawakan
  • Southern ?
    • Pareci–Xingu
Glottolog: cent2226[1]

The Pareci–Xingu languages, AKA Paresi–Waura or Central Maipurean, are Maipurean / Arawakan languages of the Bolivian and western Brazilian Amazon.


Kaufman (1994) gives the following breakdown:

Ethnologue 16 adds Enawené-Nawé (Kaufman's Salumã), which Kaufman had left unclassified and which Aikhenvald places in her Southern Arawak. In addition, Agavotaguerra, which is listed as 'unclassified', is said to be related to Waura and Yawalapiti.


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