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Parker's Car Price Guide, April 1991 issue

Parker's Car Price Guide is a monthly magazine and, more recently, a website with reviews and price lists for new and used cars in the United Kingdom. Initial searches are free, with payment required to access further details.

It was founded in 1972 and is the longest-running price guide available to the public. It expanded over the years to offer reviews, technical data and marketplace intelligence along with pricing. The portfolio of products has been edited by Kieren Puffett since 2004.

More recently it has specialised in testing high-performance luxury cars, leaving reviews of more typical vehicles in car ownership to sister publications such as CAR magazine.

Parker's also offers valuations for commercial vehicles (vans and pick-ups), and the section is headed by Liam Campbell. Since 2008, Parker's is owned and published by the German company Bauer Media Group.

Time line of key dates[edit]

  • 1972: Launch of the Parker's Car Price Guide. 1st issue: March 1972, priced at 20p
  • 1973: Full colour front page
  • 1997: Emap buys Parker's portfolio from Parker Mead. Last Parker Mead edition of the Price Guide was August 1997
  • 1998: Winter 1998 was the first edition of 'Parker's Car Chooser Magazine' which ran until 2006
  • 1999: website launches
  • 2000: Website ABCe audit: 117,432 users
  • 2001: Emap Consumer Media Website and Expanding Brand of the year
  • 2001: Website ABCe audit: 316,621
  • 2002: Parker's Car Price Guide and Parker's Older Car Price Guide (Parkers Plus) merged
  • 2003: Spot colour (red) introduced
  • 2003: The company relocates from London to Peterborough and Steve Rose takes over the editors chair from Nick Barfield
  • 2005: Parker's Car Price Guide goes full colour and introduces pictures
  • 2005: Website ABCe audit: 539,062 in March of this year
  • 2005: Website ABCe audit: 706,054 unique users and 13 million page impressions
  • 2006: Website ABCe audit: 1,005,658 unique users and 19,971,999 page impressions in March of this year
  • 2006: April/May 2006 Last edition of Parkers Car Chooser Magazine
  • 2008: Bauer Consumer Media acquires Emap's Media Division, including Parker's Car Price Guide

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