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Pronunciation Persian pronunciation: [pɑrviːz]
Gender Male
Word/name Persian
Meaning fortunate, victorious
Region of origin Persia

Parvēz, Pērvaz or Parvīz[1] (Persian: پرویز‎‎, meaning "fortunate, victorious"; Middle Persian: plwyc Parvēz, also ʾplwyc Abarvēz/Aparvēz), is a Persian male given name, mostly popular in Iran, Central Asia, South Asia and among Azeris. It is also a common surname.

Note: Parvēz, Parvez, Parvīz, Parwez, Parwiz, Pervaiz, Pervaz, Pervez, Perviz , Parvase or Purvez are usually the same name but with different spellings. Furthermore, pronunciation between the two are equal.These are ultimately derived from middle Persian Peroz of which many variations such as Piruz, Phiroze Feroze, Parviz, etc. exist.

Given name[edit]

Notable people who have this given name include:

Middle name[edit]


  • Ahmed Pervez, successful Pakistani painter of modernism
  • Alex Parvis, English guitarist of Area 11
  • Ansar Pervaiz, Pakistani nuclear scientist, nuclear reactor technologist and a nuclear engineer who is the current chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)
  • Anwar Pervez, OBE, Hilal-i-Pakistan, is a businessman in the United Kingdom
  • Aqsa Parvez (1991–2007), the victim of an alleged honour killing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Arshad Pervez, former Pakistani cricketer
  • Ghulam Ahmed Pervez, Islamic scholar
  • Imran Parvez (born 1977), cricketer from Bangladesh
  • Saleem Pervez, former Pakistani cricketer
  • Tariq Pervez, Pakistani policeman, was the director-general of Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency
  • Yunus Parvez (1931–2007), Bollywood character actor
  • Zeeshan Parwez, Pakistani musician
  • Fariha Pervez, Pakistani musician



  1. ^ In the early new Persian and the eastern contemporary variants of the Persian language, there are two different vowels ī and ē which are shown by the same Perso-Arabic letter ی, and in the standard transliteration, both of them are usually transliterated as ī.

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