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Pau Torres (born September 7, 1973 in Barcelona) is a musician and composer who has released several records on Testing Ground, Frozen Elephant Music and Etude Records. He has played and recorded with musicians such as Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak, Victor Nubla, Un Caddie renversé dans l´herbe, Chris Worden, Walter Thompson, Agustí Martínez, Maal Ensemble, and Sauna Ensemble. He has also worked as a sound designer for televised, short film and theatre productions.



  • 2007 Hostile (CD), Testing Ground
  • 2006 JohnLeoCrowAlbum'(EP), Frozen Elefant Music
  • 2005 My Wrong Mood (CD), Testing Ground
  • 2004 The Anti-Song (EP), Testing Ground

Appears on:

  • 2007 Various artist.Connected dots (CD), Frozen Elefants Music

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