Peruvian Naval Infantry

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Peruvian marines carry F2000 assault rifles during a large-scale multinational amphibious beach assault in Ancon, Peru.
Naval Infantry coming ashore from BAP Callao (DT-143).

The 3,000 personnel Peruvian Naval Infantry (Spanish: Infantería de Marina del Perú - IMAP) includes an amphibious brigade of three battalions and local security units with two transport ships (one used as a school ship[citation needed]), four tank landing ships, and about forty Portuguese Chaimite armored personnel carriers.

Since 1982 IMAP detachments have been deployed, under Peruvian Army command, in counter-insurgency capacities in Ayacucho and Huancavelica departments. The Fuerza de Infantería de Marina (Naval Infantry Force) falls under the Comandancia General de Operaciones del Pacífico (Pacific Operations General Command).


Brigada de Infanteria de Marina
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