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Phantoms (ファントム Fantomu?) are the fictional antagonists that appear in the 2012-2013 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Wizard. Each Phantom has a form based on a monster from various mythologies, able to assume a human form modeled after their original human selves.


Phantoms are born whenever humans with magic potential, known as Gates (ゲート Gēto?), give in to despair. From there, the created Phantom proceeds to tear down the host's Underworld (精神世界<アンダーワールド> Andāwārudo?), the subconscious of the human, before destroying the host itself. Able to assume its host's form, yet lacking few human aspects like sense of taste, a Phantom sometimes would fully assume its original self's identity until called to seek out a Gate and place that human deep in despair to repeat the cycle. A Kamen Rider can stop the emergence of Phantoms by using an Engage Wizard Ring to enter a Gate's underworld when it is being torn apart, and prevent Phantoms from destroying the host's Underworld by destroying the Phantoms from within, with the said host made a normal human afterwards. Their ultimate goal is gather enough numbers so their leader Wiseman can re-enact an unknown ritual known only as "The Sabbath". But in reality, the Phantoms are only a by-product of the Sabbath which is actually the siphoning of magical energies from Gates to infuse into a Philosopher's Stone.

There are also the Ghouls (グール Gūru?), familiars that serve as the Phantoms' foot soldiers. Ghouls are created from magical stones, and while not as strong as the Phantoms, they are still strong enough to withstand conventional small arms gunfire.[1]

List of Phantoms[edit]


Minotauros (ミノタウロス Minotaurosu?) was born from within Toriizaka Station detective Amino (網野?) when he gave in to despair. Armed with the Bull Axe (ブルアックス Buru Akkusu?) and capable of producing small fire balls, Phoenix and Medusa send him to create a new Phantom using his detective partner Rinko Daimon, destroying her locket to ensure her inner Phantom's birth. However, Minotauros is destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard's Strike Wizard Rider Kick before the Kamen Rider enters Rinko's Underworld to undo the damage by destroying Jabberwock and render Rinko a normal human.

Amino is portrayed by RIKIYA.[2]


Hellhound (ヘルハウンド Heruhaundo?) is a Phantom born from within TV Yūhi morning news announcer Kazuo Tajima (田島 一夫 Tajima Kazuo?) when he gave in to despair. Having power over flame and shadow, allowing him to control a person and shoot fire through the person, Hellhound is sent by Phoenix and Medusa to create a new Phantom using Shunpei Nara. Faking his death when Kamen Rider Wizard destroyed his motorcycle Black Dog (ブラックドッグ Burakku Doggu?), Hellhound uses his shadow ability to trick Shunpei into thinking he gained magic powers before humiliating him on national television and forcing him to destroy his childhood book to begin the creation of a new Phantom. However, after destroying Hellhound in Water Style, Kamen Rider Wizard enters Shunpei's Underworld to wipe out the inner Phantom Cyclops and turn Shunpei into a normal human.

Kazuo Tajima is portrayed by Takeshi Kongochi (金剛地 武志 Kongōchi Takeshi?).[3]


Caitsith (ケットシー Kettoshī?) is a Phantom born from within a black man when he gave in to despair. While a strong and fast fighter with claws strong enough to fend off swords, Caitsith is lazy and prefers to lie about at his home at the dump. However, intimidated by Medusa, Caitsith is forced to target pianist Eisaku Takagi (高木 栄作 Takagi Eisaku?), who has been practicing piano since childhood, attended a music college and had been winning various awards, but has since fallen into a performance slump. After interference, and being almost killed by Medusa for slacking off, Caitsith is given a supply of Ghouls to get the job done. He is destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style's Slash Strike.

Caitsith's human form is portrayed by Bernard Ackah (ベルナール・アッカ Berunāru Akka?).[4]

Eisaku Takagi is portrayed by Hisanori Sato (佐藤 永典 Satō Hisanori?).


Gnome (ノーム Nōmu?) is a Phantom born from within a sommelier (ソムリエ somurie?) that gave in to despair. Other than being armed with a trident, Gnome has a powerful sense of smell that enables him to track down anyone and can burrow underground. While preparing to open his restaurant, Gnome learns that his target is a scam artist Manami Kawasaki (川崎 愛美 Kawasaki Manami?), whose dream is to return to her childhood house. After his attempt to burn the house down fails and he is hindered by the Smell Ring's power, Gnome is destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style's Drill Strike Wizard when he attempts to escape.

The sommelier is portrayed by Yoshiyuki Kanayasu (かなやす 慶行 Kanayasu Yoshiyuki?).[5]

Manami Kawasaki is portrayed by Wakana Matsumoto (松本 若菜 Matsumoto Wakana?). As a child, Manami is portrayed by Eimi Saito (齋藤 映海 Saitō Eimi?).


Gargoyle (ガーゴイル Gāgoiru?) is a Phantom born from within a blue-collar worker (作業員 sagyōin?) that gave in to despair, able to petrify his body to deflect attacks or crush opponents. Six months prior, Gargoyle was assigned to go after a high school student named Naoki Katayama (片山 直己 Katayama Naoki?), murdering his detective father when he attempted to stop him. But due to Kizaki honoring his late partner's request, Gargoyle never got to Naoki when he was sent to Akita Prefecture. When Naoki returns to Tokyo to learn the truth behind his father's death, Gargoyle sees it as an opportunity to finish what he started by revealing the true story of his father's death. This causes a guilt-ridden Naoki to fall into despair as his inner Phantom Jörmungandr (ヨルムンガルド Yorumungarudo?) to manifest. With time running short, Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon quickly destroys Gargoyle before entering Naoki's Underworld to exterminate Jörmungandr.

In the Hyper Battle DVD Showtime with the Dance Ring, Gargoyle reappears in the manager's Underworld interfering Haruto and Nito's after-performance but is later destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast.

The blue-collar worker is portrayed by Takehito Yamaji (山地 健仁 Yamaji Takehito?).[6]

Naoki Katayama is portrayed by Takaaki Kuwashiro (桑代 貴明 Kuwashiro Takaaki?).


Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー Varukirī?) is a Phantom born from within a chain store manager named Katsuya Kiritani (桐谷 克弥 Kiritani Katsuya?), wielding a powerful spear and able to fly. His target is master wagashi artisan Shozo Matsuki (松木 昭造 Matsuki Shōzō?), whose hope is to keep his shop from closing. Valkyrie first attacks Matsuki's apprentice Tetsuya Inagaki (稲垣 徹也 Inagaki Tetsuya?) to thwart his delivery, with Shunpei thinking his friend was the target, then uses his human identity to trick Matsuki into wasting a majority of his wagashi. When Kamen Rider Wizard interferes, Valkyrie takes Shunpei hostage to cover his escape. But Valkyrie eventually learns that Matsuki's hope is within Tetsuya and sees killing the youth to be the only way to fulfill his quota. However, during the attempt on Testuya's life, Valkyrie is destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon.

Katsuya Kiritani is portrayed by Isao Sugibayashi (杉林 功 Sugibayashi Isao?) of owarai group Kankara (カンカラ?).[7]

Shozo Matsuki is portrayed by Taro Suwa (諏訪 太朗 Suwa Tarō?)

Tetsuya Inagaki is portrayed by Takuya Ishida (石田 卓也 Ishida Takuya?).


Lizardman (リザードマン Rizādoman?) is a Phantom born from within a college film director named Satoshi Ishii (石井 悟史 Ishii Satoshi?) when he fell into despair. Upon his birth, Lizardman attempted to kill Haruto after the ritual ended before being easily dispatched by the White Wizard. Since then, due to his habit of attacking humans he auditions to be his victims, Lizardman has been on the run from Medusa and Phoenix as he wants nothing to do with their agenda. Saved by Haruto, unaware of his true identity at the time, Lizardman meets Chizuru Manaka (真中 千鶴 Manaka Chizuru?), an aspiring actress from his former life. But forced in a position by Medusa, Lizardman is made to kill Haruto so his life can be spared. During the fight, the Gate that Lizardman was to target before he ran off is revealed to be Chizuru, where later on he would destroy the film reel containing the final scene of the independent film Chizuru starred in order to bring her into despair. However, Chizuru doesn't know that Satoshi is the Phantom and whenever he was gone, she got herself anxious of where he is. Later on when Satoshi is about to destroy the film reel, Haruto confronts him and becomes Wizard to fight him again, then becoming Water Dragon to finish him off. Just as Lizardman dives into the water, Wizard destroys him with Dragon Freeze Whip after using the Blizzard Ring to freeze the water and the Phantom within it.

Satoshi Ishii is portrayed by Keisuke Ueda (植田 圭輔 Ueda Keisuke?).[8]

Chizuru Manaka is portrayed by Anna Hachimine (鉢嶺 杏奈 Hachimine Anna?).


Manticore (マンティコア Mantikoa?) is a Phantom born from within a fortune teller (占い師 uranaishi?) when he gave into despair, able to poison his victims with an instant-killing venom with his scorpion-like tail. Sent by Wiseman to target Kosuke Nito, to find out what he is, Manticore first fought against Kamen Rider Wizard before managing to poison him so he can focus on his mission but due to the fact that Haruto is a wizard, the effects of the poison was slowed drastically. Finding Nito, Manticore gives him a free fortune-telling session to find more about him and his hopes and despair. However, due to Nito's ideals and interference from Haruto, Manticore is forced to assume his true form before Nito transforms into Kamen Rider Beast, using his Dolphi Mantle to remove the Phantom's poison from himself and Haruto before destroying Manticore with the Falco Saber Strike and devouring his mana.

The fortune teller is portrayed by Shoichiro Akaboshi (赤星 昇一郎 Akaboshi Shōichirō?).[9]


Hydra (ヒドラ Hidora?) is a Phantom born from within a diver (ダイバー daibā?) when he gave into despair, able to swim at a fast rate and release many tentacles from his body which can extend to any size it wants. His Gate target is Hiroshi Oikawa (及川 博 Oikawa Hiroshi?), an artist who he had spied on while underwater and was about to bring him into despair until Kamen Rider Beast fights him, only then for Kamen Rider Wizard to come and aid Kamen Rider Beast, who had refused his help. Shocked that there are two wizards, the Phantom escapes. Later on, the Phantom targets Oikawa again until he fights Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon who he had overpowered and just as he was about to perform his finishing attack, Kamen Rider Beast Buffa Mantle intervenes and starts to attack Kamen Rider Wizard, and preventing him from fighting the Phantom and getting near Oikawa who was knocked out by the Phantom prior. Claiming that Phantoms in the Underworld can give him a lot of mana, he lets the Phantom put Oikawa into despair and then he and Kamen Rider Wizard start to fight as the Phantom escapes again. As Rinko and Shunpei protect Oikawa from harm, Hydra destroys the portrait painting of his deceased wife by the aid of the Ghouls, plunging him into despair with time running short. With Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon fighting Hydra and destroying him, Kamen Rider Beast enters Oikawa's Underworld and confronts his inner Phantom Bandersnatch (バンダースナッチ Bandāsunatchi?) and summons Beastchimera to successfully destroy it and consume its mana.

The diver is portrayed by Motokuni Nakagawa (中川 素州 Nakagawa Motokuni?).[10]

Hiroshi Oikawa is portrayed by Masanori Ikeda (池田 政典 Ikeda Masanori?).


Beelzebub (ベルゼバブ Beruzebabu?) is a Phantom born from within a conductor (指揮者 shikisha?) when he gave into his despair. Delighting in prolonged suffering, Beelzebub can distort space and even teleport instantaneously along with firing needle-shaped blasts of light from his sword. He targets the housewife Shiho Arai (新井 志保 Arai Shiho?) as his prospective Gate, making her life miserable by manipulating the minds of those dear to her, including Shunpei and her husband, to have her despair from being ostracized. After Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon gets his own Dragon Breath sent back to him with the Phantom's creation of portals seriously injuring Haruto as a result, the White Wizard intervenes with the use of the Explosion Ring and takes Haruto away to safety with the Teleport Ring. It is then known that slug-like familiars created by the Phantom are the cause of the mind control once on their bodies, with Rinko killing them all only for the victims to be mind-controlled again, pursuing Shiho and ensuring that she will go under despair. After Haruto returns and briefly fights the Phantom as Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon, he takes out the newly created Drago Timer and uses it to create three clones of himself to overpower the Phantom, before destroying him with a quadruple Slash Strike from all of them, freeing the Phantom's victims from the mind control for good.

The conductor is portrayed by IZAM.[11]

Shiho Arai is portrayed by Yurika Fukaya (深谷 由梨香 Fukaya Yurika?).


Weretiger (ワータイガー Wātaigā?) is a stoic Phantom born from within a man named Igawa (井川?), described as a muscular man (筋肉質な男 kinnikushitsu na otoko?) who seems to be focused on strength training but is even strongest in his true form. Weretiger is ordered by Medusa to go after the Gate Toshie Nito (仁藤 敏江 Nitō Toshie?), Kosuke Nito's no-nonsense grandmother who came to Tokyo to take Kosuke back to their home in Fukui Prefecture. With aid from Gremlin, posing as a bus driver, Weretiger reveals Kosuke's identity as Kamen Rider Beast to Toshie as she willingly offers herself as a sacrifice to nourish her grandson. Just as the trade with the captured Shunpei for Toshie take place so that Weretiger can put Toshie into despair by killing her grandson, Haruto intervenes and he and Kosuke fight Weretiger and Gremlin, with the latter getting his Beast Driver back. After Kamen Rider Wizard handles with Weretiger via the use of the Drago Timer, he lets Kamen Rider Beast finish him off with his Kick Strike.

Igawa is portrayed by Kingoro Torajima (虎島 キンゴロウ Torajima Kingorō?).[12]

Toshie Nito is portrayed by Karin Yamaguchi (山口 果林 Yamaguchi Karin?).


Spriggan (スプリガン Supurigan?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a security officer (警備員 keibiin?) who fell to despair, excelling in offense and defense with his Curiosity (キュリオシティ Kyurioshiti?) sword and Riddle (リドル Ridoru?) shield while also able to fire blast from back-mounted cannons. Spriggan is sent after Osamu Nakamoto (中本 治 Nakamoto Osamu?), an archeologist who found the Hyper Ring and the Mirage Magnum, with Gremlin offering him assistance by indirectly learning of Nakamoto's hope while enacting his own scheme to cripple the Kamen Riders. However, Spriggan ends up being destroyed and consumed by Kamen Rider Beast Hyper while Nakamoto leaves Japan.

The security officer is portrayed by Kenji Cotton (こっとん 健児 Kotton Kenji?).[13]

Osamu Nakamoto is portrayed by Yoshiki Arizono (有薗 芳記 Arizono Yoshiki?).


Legion (レギオン Region?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a man named Naito (内藤 Naitō?) who fell to despair. Against Wiseman's orders, Legion targets those whose minds he finds to be beautiful. Using his double-edged halberd to open up a portal into a person's Underworld, Legion deems it "exciting" to destroy a person from the inside and leave them in a coma. Because his actions jeopardize Wiseman's agenda, Legion was bound in chains in the forest until freed by Gremlin for his own reasons. From there, Legion ends up in Haruto's Underworld and destroys Wizardragon. After Haruto acquires the Infinity Ring and transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style, Legion is destroyed by Infinity Style's Shining Strike finisher.

Naito is portrayed by Mitsu Murata (村田 充 Murata Mitsu?).[14]


Bogy (ボギー Bogī?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a spooky-looking man named Kasahara (笠原?). A creepy character, Bogy can make himself intangible to avoid most attacks and has power to control peoples' luck upon his death. Recruited by Gremlin, Bogy is used in a scheme to gather numerous Gates, including Nito's dear friend Masataka Tsuchiya (土屋 真隆 Tsuchiya Masataka?), in need of a paying job. However, after being destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style, Bogy's actual role in Gremlin's plan begins when his essence enters Tsuchiya and the other Gates by making them go in a lucky streak and have them despair once the Phantom gives them horrible luck. After having a hard time fighting each of Bogy's ghostly clones due to their luck altering abilities, each of Kamen Rider Wizard's Dragon forms accessed via the Drago Timer manage to destroy four of the clones with each of their Kick Strikes while Kamen Rider Beast Hyper destroys the remaining one with Magnum Strike.

Kasahara is portrayed by Kenji Yabe (やべ けんじ Yabe Kenji?).[15]

Masataka Tsuchiya is portrayed by Suguru Matsuzawa (松澤 傑 Matsuzawa Suguru?).


Argus (アルゴス Arugosu?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a man named Akito Kosuda (小須田 明人 Kosuda Akito?). Physically strong, Argus can uses the many eyes on his body to temporarily blind his foe using a bright flash of light or attack from multiple directions through his floating puppet eyes. He is sent to after Chiaki Shimizu (清水 千秋 Shimizu Chiaki?), a Gate who is also a popular model. Despite Kamen Rider Beast's interference, Argus takes out a photographer to take his place and lure Chiaki to a bridge to destroy her good looks. However, Argus finds that Sora is also interfering alongside the magicians. Eventually, after Sora's own intentions for Chiaki are revealed, Argus attempts to get her before being destroyed by Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage.

Akito Kosuda is portrayed by Jin Shirosaki (城咲 仁 Shirosaki Jin?).[16]

Chiaki Shimizu is portrayed by Yuko Araki (新木 優子 Araki Yūko?).


Raum (ラーム Rāmu?) is a deranged Phantom born from within the body of a man named Kaga (加賀?). Besides agility and flight, Raum has the ability to change into a myna bird. Raum uses that ability to weasel his way into becoming a pet to his Gate target Kazuyoshi Nemoto (根本 和良 Nemoto Kazuyoshi?), who called him Q-ta. Having learned that the Gate is an unhinged person, Raum enacts a scheme of getting Nemoto arrested by the police for arson he commits while no one is looking. But Nemoto's innocence is proved with Rinko and Shunpei's help with Raum forced to retreat. However, after Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style destroys him with the Shining Strike, Raum succeeds in breaking Nemoto due to the feeling of being betrayed by his own pet.

Kaga is portrayed by Minoru Watanabe (渡辺 実 Watanabe Minoru?).[17] Watanabe is best known portrayed as a suit actor in different roles from the past Super Sentai series, and the suit actor for Gedorian in Kamen Rider Black RX.

Q-ta (キュー太 Kyūta?) portrays himself and is voiced by Yuuki Anai (穴井 勇輝 Anai Yūki?).

Kazuyoshi Nemoto is portrayed by Minoru Hirata (平田 実 Hirata Minoru?).


Bahamut (バハムート Bahamūto?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a man named Katsumura (勝村?). Bahamut is able to release powerful blasts of air from his arms and legs that can slice as if they were swords, and overall has great strength. Bahamut targets Kazuya Shinozaki (篠崎 和也 Shinozaki Kazuya?), an old friend of Haruto who just like him, was an amateur soccer player aiming for the professional league. One day during a game, Haruto accidentally hits Kazuya's leg, giving him an injury that forced him to abandon his career, and Haruto also quits soccer out of regret. Because of it, Kazuya distrusts Haruto when he appears to protect him from the Phantom as he still blames him for what happened. Kazuya is supported by his girlfriend, Naomi (直美?). Bahamut managed to overpower Kamen Rider Wizard very easily, even to the point the Drago Timer was of no use, until Kamen Rider Beast comes in to assist him to no avail. Later, after Haruto and Kazuya have a game of soccer, the Phantom reappears and Haruto becomes Kamen Rider Wizard to take him on as Water Dragon and Flame Dragon until changing to Infinity Style where he easily destroys him with a Shining Strike, after several blows with the Axcalibur.

Katsumura is portrayed by Shuuya Yoshimoto (佳本 周也 Yoshimoto Shūya?).[18]

Kazuya Shinozaki is portrayed by Tatsuya Kishida (岸田 タツヤ Kishida Tatsuya?).

Naomi is portrayed by Mio Ootani (大谷 澪 Ōtani Mio?).


Sylphi (シルフィ Shirufi?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a man named Nishikawa (西川?), who uses English words in his sentences and is able to use wind based attacks. Sent after Yuzuru Iijima, hearing his hope over the wind, Sylphi uses his powers to trick the boy into thinking he mastered biking and then manipulate the wind to provoke an accident with Akari knocked out. When Yuzuru ends up becoming a magician, Sylphi kidnaps Akari while receiving new orders from Medusa to either spawn a Phantom from Yuruzu or kill him. However, fighting Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast in their final forms, the scheme ends with Sylphi destroyed by Shining Strike/Shooting Mirage combo.

Nishikawa is portrayed by Makoto Awane (粟根 まこと Awane Makoto?),[19] who is well known as the voice of Yashiro Nanakase from The King of Fighters.


Sphinx (スフィンクス Sufinkusu?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a man named Kusuda (楠田?), seen wearing a top hat and tuxedo who poses as a magician. In this form, he can manipulate flames with his cane and breath them from his mouth. His Gate target is author Masafumi Saionji (西園寺 雅文 Saionji Masafumi?), who recovered from a writer's block after an encounter with a little girl and wants to meet her to thank her for encouraging him. Upon meeting Koyomi, Saionji claims that she was the child from that time, although she does not remember it. He also presents her a ring that she had left behind but doesn't remember this either, or the location of where they first met. Knowing that the ring gives Saionji hope, Sphinx snatches the ring off him and destroys it by setting it alight, causing Saionji to fall into despair and his inner Phantom Gigantes (ギガンテス Gigantesu?) to manifest. While Wizard deals with the inner Phantom by destroying it with All Dragon, Beast Hyper destroys Sphinx with Shooting Mirage.

Kusuda is portrayed by Kaohiko Kaoda (顔田 顔彦 Kaoda Kaohiko?).[20]

Masafumi Saionji is portrayed by Kei Sunaga (須永 慶 Sunaga Kei?).


Siren (セイレーン Seirēn?) is a Phantom born from within the body of a young woman named Shizune (静音?), who is sent by Medusa and Gremlin to target Yoshikazu Kumagai (熊谷 義和 Kumagai Yoshikazu?), Haruto's old teacher that he knew since childhood. Kumagai reveals he came to retrieve a memento of his late son, a toy airplane, a toy which was rumored to be at Wajima's antique shop. In this form, she can fly at a fast speed, use a halberd and has power over wind. Later, after being spotted by Koyomi, Siren starts attacking and Haruto becomes Kamen Rider Wizard to stop her but she is too strong for him, not even when as Flame Dragon. She then escapes and since Haruto realizes that Kumagai is a Gate, he must protect him. Meanwhile, she arrives at Wajima's shop asking about the toy plane and demanding the owner of it, which made him feel uncomfortable and put in a trance when Shunpei asked him about her. Later, Haruto, Kumagai and Shunpei at the house of Tamotsu Sakai (酒井 保 Sakai Tamotsu?), a young man who is the owner of the toy and Siren got there before them, holding it and about to destroy it before Haruto becomes Kamen Rider Wizard to fight her again, and Green Griffon knocking it away in time. The fight continues until Black Cerberus sees Kamen Rider Wizard and wants him to follow it, leading to where the White Wizard may be. Later, after getting Sho, Tamotsu's son, to steal the toy plane by putting him in a trance, she then attempts to crush it until Haruto stops her with the Bind Ring but he sees Black Cerberus again, wanting his attention. He is unsure of whether to ignore or it or let go of Siren, so that Kumagai will fall into despair and possibly hold back his inner Phantom. He releases her but Shunpei happens to be there to stop her. Then, Kumagai himself destroys the toy plane, much to everyone's shock, having only done it because it was the source of these problems, particularly regarding his son's death and the broken relationship between Sho and Tamotsu. Later, Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast fight Siren elsewhere with Kamen Rider Wizard assuming Infinity Style to destroy her with the Plasma Shining Strike.

Shizune is portrayed by Ayano Oota (太田 彩乃 Ōta Ayano?).[21]

Yoshikazu Kumagai is portrayed by Gin'nojō Yamazaki (山崎 銀之丞 Yamazaki Gin'nojō?).

Tamotsu Sakai is portrayed by Kazuyuki Yamazaki (山崎 和如 Yamazaki Kazuyuki?).


Arachne (アラクネ Arakune?) is a Phantom that blend into the ground and uses clawed hands and axe as weapons, sent after Masahiro Yamamoto when he was at a flea market to purchase baby items for his pregnant wife. Feigning a retreat after being beat by Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style and Kamen Rider Beast Hyper the first time, Arachne bides his time before Yamamoto returns. It was only after Medusa sees a photo of Aya that she has Arachne hold everyone off while she attempts to kill Aya. Though a grief-stricken Yamamoto falls into despair, he manages to hold back his emerging inner Phantom once seeing his wife is alive. In the fight that ensues, Arache is then destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon's Dragon Levitate Torn and Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage.

Arachne is voiced by Daisuke Kirii (桐井 大介 Kirii Daisuke?).[22]


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