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Phoenix from Guillaume Rouillé's Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum

In Greek mythology, Phoenix or Phoinixx (Greek: Φοῖνιξ Phoinix, gen.: Φοίνικος), the eponym of Phoenicia.


Phoenix was a son of Agenor and Telephassa (or Argiope[1]), brother of Cadmus, Cilix and Europa.[1][2] He was believed to have fathered a number of children with different women. By Cassiopeia, he had a daughter Carme[3] and three sons, Cilix, Phineus, and Doryclus, as well as a stepson Atymnius whose natural father was Zeus;[4] by Alphesiboea, he had Adonis.[5] According to the Iliad, Europa was not his sister, but his daughter.[6] Europa is otherwise called one of his two daughters by Perimede, daughter of Oeneus, the other one being Astypalaea;[7] she is also included on the list of his children by Telephe, her siblings in this case being Peirus, Phoenice, and Astypale (apparently identical to the aforementioned Astypalaea).[8] Telephe, daughter of Epimedusa, is probably the same as Telephassa, whom Moschus[9] calls wife and not mother of Phoenix.

Relation Hesiod Homer Pherecydes Bacchylides Scholia on Euripides Moschus Conon Apollodorus Hyginus Pausanias Antoninus Liberalis Nonnus Tzetzes
Parents - - Agenor and Damno - - - - Agenor and Telephassa Agenor and Argiope - Agenor Belus Belus
Wife Cassiopeia - - - Telephe Telephe - Alphesiboea - Perimede Cassiopeia - -
Children Europa, Phineus Europa (name not stated) - Europa (name not stated) Europa, Peirus, Phoenice, Astypale Europa Europa, Cadmus, Thasus Europa,[10] Adonis Astypale Europa, Astypalea Carme - -


When Europa was carried off by Zeus, her three brothers were sent out by Agenor to find her, but the search was unsuccessful. Phoenix eventually settled in a country in Asia which he named Phoenicia after himself.[2][11]

Argive Family Tree[edit]

Argive genealogy in Greek mythology
Inachus Melia
Zeus Io Phoroneus
Epaphus Memphis
Libya Poseidon
Belus Achiroë Agenor Telephassa
Danaus Pieria Aegyptus Cadmus Cilix Europa Phoenix
Mantineus Hypermnestra Lynceus Harmonia Zeus
Sparta Lacedaemon Ocalea Abas Agave Sarpedon Rhadamanthus
Eurydice Acrisius Ino Minos
Zeus Danaë Semele Zeus
Perseus Dionysus
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