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For the 1948–1951 team of the same name, see Pittsburg Diamonds (Far West League).
Pittsburg Diamonds
League Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs
Location Pittsburg, California
Ballpark City Park Field #1
Year founded 2014
Former name(s) Bay Cal Lumberjacks
Colors Black, orange
Manager Aaron Miles
Website pdbaseball.com

The Pittsburg Diamonds are an independent professional baseball team based in Pittsburg, California. They began play as a member of the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs in 2014. They replaced the East Bay Lumberjacks as a member of the Association. The team was named the Pittsburg Mettle for their first season and then changed the name in 2015.

Current roster[edit]

Pittsburg Diamonds roster
Active roster Coaches/Other


  • 14 Steve Chapter
  • 25 James Lopresti
  • 16 Clint Manzo
  • 17 Justin Martinez
  • 12 Dennis Neal
  • 26 Barret Phillips
  • 19 James Trebus
  • 28 David Wynn

Utility player



  • 10 Tyler Eppler


  •  2 Chris DeBiasi
  • 13 Gergori Gonzalez
  • 22 Jalen Harris
  •  6 Rich Mejia
  • 23 Mike Taylor


  •  7 Tim Battle
  • 27 Adrian Gonzalez
  • 18 Nash Hutter
  • 24 Brandon Williams


  • John Wagner


Injury icon 2.svg Disabled list
‡ Inactive list
§ Suspended list

Roster updated June 5, 2015


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