Port of Humen

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Port of Humen
Country People's Republic of China
Location Humen, Dongguan Prefecture, Guangdong Province,
Opened 19
Owned by People's Republic of China
Type of harbor Natural Estuary Seaport
Website of the Port of Humen

The Port of Humen is a natural estuary port located at Humen Town, Dongguan Prefecture, Guangdong, People's Republic of China. It serves as the port of the industrial city of Dongguan, and as one of the big logistic hubs of the Pearl River Delta.


Port of Humen extends on the East Shore of the Pearl River Delta beyond the Bogue all the way to the Dongjiang River.


The "Bocca Tigris" (literal Latin translation of the Chinese "Humen", "Tiger Gate, river mouth") controls the access to the Pearl River, and played an important role in the conflict between Britain and the Qing Empire.


The Port of Humen is divided into five port areas:

  • Shatian Port Area (沙田港区): focuses on containers, chemicals, yard logistics, shoreline industry and comprehensive trading services.
  • Mayong Port Area (麻涌港区): focuses on grain, vegetable oil, coal, construction materials and break-bulk cargo.
  • Shajiao Port Area (沙角港区): focuses on passenger transport, leisure boating and coastal transport and cabotage.
  • Chang'an Port Area (长安港区): focuses on large-scale deep-water berths and waterfront industry
  • Neihe Port Area (内河港区): focuses on traditional waterborne transport services for the Dongguan industries.

The Port has 79 km2 of territorial waters and 32 km2 of jurisdictional area. The main navigation channel is 13.5 m deep, enough for vessels of 100,000 DWT.[1]




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Coordinates: 22°51′51″N 113°24′27″E / 22.86417°N 113.40750°E / 22.86417; 113.40750