Portsmouth, Portland, Oregon

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Portsmouth is located in Portland, Oregon
Coordinates: 45°35′12″N 122°43′06″W / 45.58660°N 122.71840°W / 45.58660; -122.71840Coordinates: 45°35′12″N 122°43′06″W / 45.58660°N 122.71840°W / 45.58660; -122.71840
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Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
 • Association Portsmouth Neighborhood Association
 • Coalition North Portland Neighborhood Services
 • Total 1.09 sq mi (2.82 km2)
Population (2000)[1]
 • Total 8,304
 • Density 7,600/sq mi (2,900/km2)
 • No. of households 2866
 • Occupancy rate 94% occupied
 • Owner-occupied 1378 households (48%)
 • Renting 1488 households (52%)
 • Avg. household size 2.90 persons

Portsmouth is a neighborhood in the North section of Portland, Oregon. It is named for Portsmouth Avenue, a major street in the district. It is bordered by Lombard Street to the South, Chautauqua Boulevard to the East, Columbia Boulevard to the North, and the Burlington Northern Railway to the West. The neighborhood is served by Portsmouth Middle School and two elementary schools.

Portsmouth used to also include the neighborhood that is now known as University Park. This explains both the name of the neighborhood ("ports" + "mouth" = Portsmouth was bordered on one side by the Columbia River and on another side by the Willamette River) as well as why there's a park named "Portsmouth Park" in University Park neighborhood.