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Prescott Schools
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Prospect, South Australia
Australia Australia
Type Independent, Co-educational, Day school
Motto Latin: Nihil Sine Deo
(Nothing Without God)
Denomination Seventh-day Adventist
Established 1906
Principal Peter Charleson
Enrolment 191 (2008)
Colour(s) Red, Blue & White

Prescott Schools is a collection of Seventh-day Adventist schools in Adelaide, South Australia. Prescott College - secondary campus - (Prospect, South Australia) is a secondary school with year levels beginning from 8 through to 12. Prescott College Southern is a primary and secondary school catering for the Southern suburbs and located in Morphett Vale. Prescott Primary Northern is located in Para Vista and caters for R-7. The schools are connected with other Seventh-day Adventist schools throughout the Oceania region. It is part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's worldwide educational system.

Prescott Secondary College[edit]

Prescott Secondary College is in Prospect, South Australia. The college is near St Helen's Park and is 1 block from Blackfriars Priory School.

The school has two main mottos, "Nothing Without God" and the other "Because Your Child Matters". "Nothing Without God" was originally "Nothing Without Labour" but was changed in 2005 to recognise God as being more important than work.

Transport is also provided for students living either to the south or north by a school bus run service.

There is also a vegetarian canteen in the school that offers a wide range of fine vegetarian cuisine which comply with Seventh-day Adventist dietary standards.


  • In 1906 the school opened with only 1 class room that was attached to the back of the Prospect Seventh-day Adventist church. Only 15 students attended the school when it first opened.
  • In 1917 the school was shut down and was re-opened in May 1920.
  • In 1936 the school was transferred to its present location in Koonga Avenue, Prospect.
  • From 1936 - 1973 the school functioned as a primary and secondary school, plans for a high school were temporarily suspended due to the events of World War II.
  • In 1952 the primary year levels were divided into two schools. The schools lie north and south of Adelaide.
  • From 1952 - 1976 the school expanded and reached a 100 student mark. The school purchased more land and expanded the school even more with 6 new rooms.
  • 1976 - 2004 the school adopted a multicultural policy and expanded class rooms.
  • 2006 - The school celebrated its 100-year anniversary. Prescott will receive three new rooms, one for art and another a new computer room. The school will receive extra funding to provide another two class rooms and the student population by 2010 is expected to hit 220+.
  • 2008 - School leadership was taken over by Mr Craig Mattner, as principal Mr Carel Neuhoff moved to take up the position of Education Director in the South Australian Conference. At the conclusion of the year Mr Murray and Mrs Pam Oliver retired after a long teaching career at Prescott College and various interstate schools.

Spiritual aspects[edit]

All students take religion classes each year that they are enrolled. These classes cover topics in biblical history and Christian and denominational doctrines. Instructors in other disciplines also begin each class period with prayer or a short devotional thought, many which encourage student input. Weekly, the entire student body gathers together for an hour-long chapel service. Outside the classrooms there is year-round spiritually oriented programming that relies on student involvement.


Prescott College offers the following sports:

  • Soccer (boys & girls)

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