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Brasil Kirin S.A.
Industry Beverages
Founded 1939
Headquarters Itu, Brazil
Key people
Gino di Domenico, (CEO)
Products Beers and Soft drinks
Revenue Increase US$ 1.7 billion (2012)
Decrease - US$ 41.8 million (2012) [1]
Number of employees
Parent Kirin Brewery Company

Brasil Kirin previously known as Schincariol is the second largest Brazilian brewery and beverage company, after AmBev.[2] The company was founded in 1939 and since 2011 is a subsidiary of Japanese beverage company Kirin Brewery Company and have many competitors such as AmBev, Grupo Petrópolis, Heineken and others.

There are 13 Brasil Kirin factories/breweries around Brazil and 10 distribution centers, with the company headquarters situated at the city of Itu, São Paulo state. The company produces about 3.0 billion liters of beer a year, and exports its products to the Mercosul, Europe, United States, Asia and Oceania.[citation needed] By 2011, it had 10.4% of the beer market share in Brazil.


The brewery uses the brand names Nova Schin, Glacial, Nobel, Devassa, Baden-Baden and Foster's, the latter under license from Foster's Brewing International. The cerveja (beer, in Portuguese) Nova Schin Pilsen is Schincariol's main product in the hot[citation needed] Brazilian beer market. Nova Schin has 14% of the Brazilian beer market. They also make Nobel, a premium beer made with hops from Hallertau, Germany, and Glacial, a lighter and cheaper beer. The brand Nobel was acquired by Schincariol in 2007.

Nova Schin Malzbier (a black and sweeter beer), Nova Schin Munich (a light darker beer), the non-alcoholic Nova Schin and the popular, the Nova Schin chopp (a lighter and fresher draft version of Pilsner) are the other varieties brewed by the Schincariol family.

Craft Beers[edit]

Brasil Kirin also produces craft beers, such as Baden-Baden, a brand originally from Campos do Jordão, with a nice selection, such as Pilsen Cristal, Premium Bock, Premium Red Ale, Stout Dark Ale, Weiss Beer, Golden, 1999, Celebration Inverno (winter beer), Celebration Verão (summer beer) and Celebration Christmas. Devassa, a lager microbrewery, originally from Rio de Janeiro, was also bought by the Schincariol Group in 2007. It comes in 4 tropical flavours: blonde, dark, red and Indian.

Brasil Kirin is also known for the long manufacture of the traditional tutti-frutti soft drink, Itubaína, which has been produced and distributed nationally since 1954. Makers of the traditional Guaraná Schin, a soft drink, as well as cola, orange, lemon, apple, citrus, cola-citrus, tonic water and diet soft drinks. Primo Schincariol also produces bottled water and an energy recovery drink, Skinka.

In 2007, the group announced the launching of a new line of carton fruit juices, called Fruthos. They are available in 6 flavours: mango, passion fruit, grape, orange, peach and guava.


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