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Grand Prince Yang Nyeong
Grand Prince of Joseon
Reign 1404 - 1418
Coronation 1404
Predecessor Yi Bang-won
Successor Grand Prince Hyo Ryeong
Born 1394
Died 1462 (aged 68)
Burial Temple of Ji-duk
House House of Yi
Father Taejong of Joseon
Mother Queen Wonkyeong
Korean name
Revised Romanization Yang Nyeong Dae Gun
McCune–Reischauer Yang Nyŏng Tae Kun
Pen name
Revised Romanization Gang Jeong
McCune–Reischauer Kang Jŏng
Birth name
Revised Romanization Yi Je
McCune–Reischauer Yi Che
Courtesy name
Revised Romanization Hu Baek
McCune–Reischauer Hu Paek

Grand Prince Yangnyeong (Hangul: 양녕대군, Hanja: 讓寧大君, 1394–1462) was a Joseon Dynasty politician and prince. The Grand Prince, first-born son of King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty and his consort Queen Wongyeong, elder brother of Sejong the Great, and ancestor of Syngman Rhee[citation needed], Korean independence activist and first President of South Korea.


He was born as Yi Je (李褆 in Hanja, 이제 in Hangul) in 1394. Known for his literature and calligraphy skills, he viewed himself as lacking in the requisite skills for kingship and believed that Sejong was destined to become king. Considering it his duty to make Sejong king, he purposely acted extremely rude in the court, lost his position as a prince, married a peasant and was eventually officially banished from Seoul in June 1418. Grand Prince Hyoryeong, Yangnyeong's second brother, had similar feelings about Sejong being king, and so became a monk in a Buddhist temple. This plot ultimately brought Sejong to the throne. Later, Yangnyeong became a wandering traveler and lived in the mountains.[1]

After Sejong has taken the throne, the relationship between the brothers was strong, and Sejong often invited Yangnyeong to the palace.

Yangnyeong lived as a wanderer and died in 1462, almost living for 68 years.[2]


  1. Lady Sooseong, Princess Consort, of the Gwangsan Kim clan (수성군부인 김씨)
    1. Yi Gae, the Prince Soonseong (이개 순성군), 1st Son
    2. Yi Po, the Prince Hamyang (이포 함양군), 2nd Son
    3. Yi Hye, the Prince Seosan (이혜 서산군), 3rd Son
    4. Princess Jeon-ui (전의군주), 1st Daughter; later married Lee Ja (이자), created Jidonnyeong (지돈녕)
    5. Unnamed 2nd Daughter; later married Lee Beon (이번), created Jungchubusa (중추부사)
    6. Princess Yeongpyeong (영평군주), 3rd Daughter; later married Kim Cheol-goo (김철구)
    7. Unnamed 4th Daughter, later married Park Soo-jong (박수종)
  2. Unknown woman
    1. Yi Gyeom (이겸)
    2. Yi Heun, Duck of Jangpyung (이흔)
    3. Yi Seong (이성)
    4. Yi Soon (이순)
    5. Yi Shim (이심)
    6. Yi Gwang-seok (이광석)
    7. Yi Gwang-geun (이광근)
  3. Unknown woman
    1. Unnamed Daughter, later married Lee Jong-gyeong (이종경)
  4. Unknown woman
    1. Unnamed 1st Daughter, later married Kim Am (김암)
    2. Unnamed 2nd Daughter, later married Kim Seung-gan (김승간)
    3. Unnamed 3rd Daughter, later married Kim Oh (김오)
    4. Unnamed 4th Daughter, later married Kim Won (김원)
    5. Unnamed 5th Daughter, later married Han Chi-yeong (한치형)[3][4]
  5. Unknown slave
    1. Unnamed 1st Daughter, later married Kwon Chi-jung (권치중)
    2. Princess Yi Goo-ji (현주 이구지), 2nd Daughter; later married Kwon Deok-yeong (권덕영)
  6. Unknown woman
    1. Unnamed 1st Daughter, later married Seok-beon (석번), clan unknown
    2. Unnamed 2nd Daughter, later married Kim Ui (김의)
    3. Unnamed 3rd Daughter, later married Im Jun (임중)
    4. Princess Yi Geon-yi (현주 이건이), 4th Daughter

Popular culture[edit]


Today, his descendants form one of the biggest clans of the House of Yi. In addition, it is believed that the plaque on the Namdaemun was personally written by him.[5]

He was an ancestor of Syngman Rhee, Korean independence activist and the first South Korean president.


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