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Highway 165
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Puerto Rico Highway 165, or PR-165, is the road that goes from Naranjito to Guaynabo. The highway passes by Toa Alta, Toa Baja, Dorado, Levittown, Cataño and Guaynabo.

The PR-165 begins in the PR-164 (road from Naranjito to Corozal) and ends at San Patricio (near Caparra). From Naranjito to Toa Alta is a rural road. In Toa Baja becomes a divided highway. In Dorado the road is one lane in each direction and parallel to the northern coast of Puerto Rico. In Levittown becomes a divided highway before ending at San Patricio. In Cataño is a short highway which begins at the Bacardi Distillery and ends at the Federal Prison.

Related route[edit]

Highway 165R
Location Toa Alta

Puerto Rico Highway 165R, is the road that goes to downtown Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. This road can be seen as the Business 165, since this road was the PR-165 through the area from the town center.

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