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Monoliths at Qenko
Qenko is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Alternative nameQenqo, Qenko, Kenko, Quenco
Location Peru
Coordinates13°30′38″S 71°58′18″W / 13.51056°S 71.97167°W / -13.51056; -71.97167Coordinates: 13°30′38″S 71°58′18″W / 13.51056°S 71.97167°W / -13.51056; -71.97167
PeriodsLate Horizon

Q'enqo,[1][2] Qenko,[3][4][5][6][7] Kenko,[8][9][1][10][11] or Quenco[12] (all from Quechua for "zig-zag")[13] is an archaeological site in the Sacred Valley of Peru located in the Cusco Region, Cusco Province, Cusco District,[5] about 6 km north east of Cusco. The site was declared a Cultural Heritage (Patrimonio Cultural) of the Cusco Region by the National Institute of Culture.[5]

It is one of the largest huacas (holy places) in the Cusco Region. Many huacas were based on naturally occurring rock formations. It was believed to be a place where sacrifices and mummification took place.[11]


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