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Wiñay Wayna

Coordinates: 13°11′34″S 72°32′11″W / 13.19278°S 72.53639°W / -13.19278; -72.53639
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Wiñay Wayna
2650 m
View of Wiñay Wayna
Wiñay Wayna is located in Peru
Wiñay Wayna
Shown within Peru
Alternative nameHuiñay Huayna
LocationCusco Region, Peru
Coordinates13°11′34″S 72°32′11″W / 13.19278°S 72.53639°W / -13.19278; -72.53639

Wiñay Wayna (2650 m) (Quechua for "forever young", Hispanicized spelling Huiñay Huayna) is an Inca ruin along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It is built into a steep hillside overlooking the Urubamba River. The site consists of upper and lower house complexes[1] connected by a staircase and fountain structures. Above and below the houses the people built areas of agricultural terraces or andenes, which are still visible.

A camp site for hikers with the same name is located in the vicinity and is usually used as the last overnight camping site for hikers undertaking the classical Inca Trail.[2]


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