Qadi Mir Husayn al-Maybudi

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Qadi Mir Husayn al-Maybudi or al-Yazdi (also spelled Maibudi, Maybodi, Maibodi) also known as Kamal al-Din Husayn, son of Mu‘in al-Din is a famous Iranian Muslim philosopher. He was a disciple of Jalal Al-Din Muhammad ibn Asad Al-Dawani (830-908 AH)

He was executed in 910 AH/1514 AD.

A work of Maybudi's, a manuscript copy from 1058 H.E.

His works[edit]

  1. Sharh al-hidayah (famous commentary on Athir al-Din al-Abhari, cf. Browne IV, p. 57: "Maybodi's commentary . . . is still the favourite text-book for beginners in philosophy . . .")
  2. Sharh-i Divan-i Ali ibn Abi Talib (Commentary on the poem of Ali ibn Abi Talib). The book has been published by Miras-i Maktub; Chap-i 1 edition (2000), Published in 1998, ISBN 964-6781-39-X, ISBN 978-964-6781-39-9. ISBN /EAN: 9789645548634
  3. Munsha'at ISBN 964-5548-63-2 / 9645548632
  4. Jam-i giti-numa
  5. Sharh al-Kafiyah fi al-Nahw

Known for his tafsir(exegesis)of Quran, under the title of Kashf el-asra'r wa 'uddatu al-abra'r(the unveiling of the secrets, and the provisions of the righteous).


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