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Qalb (قلب) is an Arabic word meaning "Heart". It is the second among the six purities or Lataif-e-sitta in Sufi philosophy.

Sixteen stages of Taming Qalb[edit]

To attend Tasfiya-e-Qalb, the Salik needs to achieve the following sixteen goals.

  1. Zuhd or abstention from evil
  2. Taqwa or God consciousness
  3. War'a or attempt to get away from things that are not related to Allah.
  4. Tawakkul or being content on whatever Allah gives
  5. Sabır or patience on whatever Allah fe Subhan ta'âlâ does
  6. Shukr or gratefulness to whatever Allah gives
  7. Raza or seeking happiness of Allah
  8. Khauf or fear of Allah's wrath
  9. Rija or hope of Allah's blessing
  10. Yaqeen or complete faith on Allah
  11. Ikhlas or purity of intention
  12. Sidq or bearing truth of Allah
  13. Muraqabah or total focus on Allah
  14. Khulq or humbleness for Allah
  15. Dhikr or remembrance of Allah
  16. Khuloot or isolation from everyone except Allah

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