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Developer(s) Quark, Inc.
Initial release 1991; 26 years ago (1991)
Stable release
8 / 2008; 9 years ago (2008)
Operating system Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Word processors
Website quark.com/products/copydesk

QuarkCopyDesk (often only CopyDesk) is a professional word processing software product made by Quark, Inc..

There are two versions of QuarkCopyDesk available: One is sold with Quark's editorial system QPS and one is sold standalone. Both versions are tightly integrated with QuarkXPress.


QuarkCopyDesk is primarily used by newspapers and magazines to write, edit and style text (copy). The software includes standard word processing features such as spell check, track changes and word count. Its integration with QuarkXPress allows exact copy fitting information and previews, which ensures the editor to see whether the text fits correctly in the corresponding QuarkXPress layout and to control hyphenation.

Since 1999, InCopy from Adobe is a direct competitor to QuarkCopyDesk, which was launched in 1991.

QuarkCopyDesk offers three viewing modes: Story, Galley and WYSIWYG. The Story mode displays the story text across the screen's entire width without formatting. This provides an interface for users more comfortable with traditional word processors to read and edit copy and allows text to be seen larger and in a different font than it would appear in the layout.

The Galley mode also displays the text without formatting, but shows style sheets that have been applied to the copy and also the correct hyphenation and line endings. Galley mode shows copy as one column wide and - via visual markers - also shows jumps and column breaks.

However, the Galley mode lacks a true representation of the design and layout – these features are reserved for the WYSIWYG mode. This view shows a page representation and the text with all its formatting. However, the editor can only edit text or add pictures, which is also a substantial benefit as it prevents editors from deliberately or accidentally altering the layout itself.


  • QuarkCopyDesk 1.0 (1991): Support for QuarkXPress 3, Mac only version
  • QuarkCopyDesk 2.0 (1998): Support for QuarkXPress 4, adds Windows support
  • QuarkCopyDesk 2.2 (2003): Support for QuarkXPress 5
  • QuarkCopyDesk 3.0 (2004): Support for QuarkXPress 6, supports Mac OS X
  • QuarkCopyDesk 3.5 (2006)
  • QuarkCopyDesk 3.6 (2007)
  • QuarkCopyDesk 7 (2007): Support for QuarkXPress 7, picture editing, redlining, MacIntel version
  • QuarkCopyDesk 8 (2008): Support for QuarkXPress 8
  • QuarkCopyDesk 9 (2011): Support for QuarkXPress 9

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