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LibreOffice Writer
Developer(s)The Document Foundation
Stable release
  • Fresh:[1] 24.2.1[2] Edit this on Wikidata (29 February 2024)
  • Still:[1]
Operating systemLinux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Writer
TypeWord processor
LicenseMPLv2.0 (secondary license GPL, LGPLv3+ or Apache License 2.0)[3]

LibreOffice Writer is the free and open-source word processor and desktop publishing component of the LibreOffice software package and is a fork of Writer. Writer is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word and Corel's WordPerfect with many similar features, and file format compatibility.[4][5]

LibreOffice Writer is released under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.[3]

As with the entire LibreOffice suite, Writer can be used across a variety of platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Microsoft Windows. There are community builds for many other platforms. Ecosystem partner Collabora uses LibreOffice upstream code and provides apps for Android, iOS, iPadOS and ChromeOS.[6][7] LibreOffice Online is an online office suite which includes the applications Writer, Calc and Impress and provides an upstream for projects such as commercial Collabora Online.

Some features[edit]

  • Writer is capable of opening and saving to a number of formats, including OpenDocument (ODT is its default format), Microsoft Word's DOC, DOCX, RTF and XHTML.[8]
  • A spelling and grammar checker (Hunspell)[9][10]
  • Built-in drawing tools
  • Built-in form building tools
  • Built-in calculation functions
  • Built-in equation editor[11]
  • Export in PDF format, generate hybrid PDF (a standard PDF with attached source ODF file) and create fillable PDF form
  • The ability to import and edit PDF files.[12]
  • Ability to edit HTML, XHTML files visually without using code with WYSIWYG support
  • Export in HTML, XHTML, XML formats
  • Export in EPUB ebook format
  • Contents, index, bibliography
  • Document signing, password and public-key (GPG) encryption
  • Change tracking during revisions, document comparison (view changes between two files)
  • Database integration, including a bibliography database
  • MailMerge[13]
  • Scriptable and Remote Controllable via the UNO API
  • OpenType stylistic sets and character variants of fonts are not selectable from the menus, but can be specified manually in the font window. For example, fontname:ss06&cv03 will set the font to stylistic set 6 and chose character variant 3. This is based on the same syntax for Graphite font feature.

Supported file formats[edit]

File format Extension Read/Write Notes
AbiWord ABW, ZABW From 4.2
AppleWorks (word


CWK From 4.1 Formerly called ClarisWorks
Apple Pages PAGES From 5.0
AportisDoc (Palm) PDB Yes Requires Java
BroadBand eBook LRF Yes
DocBook XML Yes
FictionBook FB2 From 4.2
Hangul WP 97 HWP Yes Newer "5.x" documents are not supported[citation needed]
Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 JTD, JTT Yes
Lotus Word Pro LWP Yes
MacWrite Pro 1.5 MW, MCW From 4.1
Microsoft Pocket Word PSW Yes Requires Java
Microsoft RTF RTF Yes
Microsoft Word 2003 XML


Microsoft Word 4/5/6.0/95 DOC, DOT Yes, writing up to 3.6
Microsoft Word 97–2003 DOC, DOT Yes
Microsoft Word 2007-now DOCX, DOTX, DOCM,


Microsoft Works

(word processing)

WPS, WPT Yes Microsoft Works for Mac formats since 4.1
Microsoft Write WRI From 5.1

(word processing)


(word processing)

Plain text TXT Yes Various encodings supported
Software602 (T602) 602, TXT Yes
StarOffice StarWriter 3/4/5 SDW, SGL, VOR Dropped in 4.0 then

added back in 5.3,

up to 3.6[clarification needed]

Unified Office Format

(word processing)

WordPerfect WPD Yes
WordPerfect Suite

2000/Office 1.0

WriteNow 4.0 WN, NX^D From 4.1

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