Quelli dell'intervallo

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Quelli dell'intervallo
Quelli dellintervallo-dvd.jpg
Country of origin Italy
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 341
Running time Approx 5-7 minutes
Original network Disney Channel Italy
Original release 2005 – 2009

Quelli dell'intervallo (English: As the Bell Rings) is an Italian situation comedy produced by Disney Channel Italy. The show focuses on kids as they chat and get into unexpected situations while at a window in their school.

After Disney's success with the show, the idea was replicated throughout continental Europe, and eventually Asia, Australia, and the United States. In total, fourteen different shows have spun off from Quelli dell'intervallo.

The show finally ended in 2009 ending the series with Quelli dell'intervallo - In Vacanza. The show ended with the kids finishing school going to High School.

The series spawned three spin-offs: Quelli dell'Intervallo Cafe, where the protagonits are now gone to the high school and the only place where they can still be together is in a cafe, Fiore e Tinelli, starring Tinelli (Matteo Leoni), one of the main and most popular characters of the series, and his neighbour Fiore (Francesca Calabrese), and Casa Pierpiero, that follows young Pierpiero (Federico Mezzottoni), a rich boy who falls in love with a goth girl.


  • Tinelli - Matteo Leoni (it)
  • Valentina - Giulia Boverio
  • Dred - Mattia Rovatti (it)
  • Secchia - Marc Tainon (it)
  • Mafalda "Mafy" - Ambra Lo Faro (it)
  • Annina - Andrea Leoni
  • Nico- Romolo Guerreri (it)
  • Dj - Diana Chihade (it)
  • Smilzo - Alessandro Vivian
  • Jaky - Jacopo Sarno
  • Rudy - Valentina Ghelfi
  • Isabella "Bella" - Clara Tarozzo
  • Tommy - Giulio Rubinelli
  • Spiffy - Edoardo Baietti
  • Rocky - Elisabetta Miracoli
  • Spy - Alvaro Caleca
  • Mrs. Martinelli - Clelia Piscitello
  • The dean - Giovanni Battezzato (it)

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