Quinn Armitage and Robert Barr

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Quinn Armitage and Robert Barr
Roscoe Born as Quinn Armitage (1990)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Roscoe Born
First appearance Episode 1230 (Robert)
June 14, 1989
Episode 1505 (Quinn)
July 18, 1990
Last appearance Episode 1597 (Robert)
November 26, 1990
Episode 1732 (Quinn)
June 11, 1991
Created by Charles Pratt Jr.,
Anne Howard Bailey &
Sheri Anderson
Occupation Businessman

Quinn Armitage and Robert Barr are fictional characters from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. The twin brothers were portrayed by Roscoe Born, an American actor who had appeared with series regular A Martinez in the movie Powwow Highway. Robert first appeared on June 14, 1989, and left on February 9, 1990, only to return on June 13, 1990. Quinn made his first appearance on July 18, 1990. Robert is killed off on November 26, 1990, and Quinn is written out of the series on June 11, 1991.

Character history[edit]

The arrival of Robert Barr immediately shook things up in the town. The man was no stranger to Eden Capwell, who used to be Robert's childhood love. As explained by the characters, in the past, Robert took the blame for the murder of Raoul Mondragon, thinking that he will protect Eden because he suspected Eden murdered him, which was later revealed as a false assumption.[1] After spending many years in prison, Robert went through a personality change and now, with the help of Lisa DiNapoli and Sandra Mills, Robert had to find a way to take over Capwell Enterprises.

Robert tried to break up Eden and her husband Cruz Castillo, and at one point he was about to succeed in his intentions,[2] but things changed when he fell in love with Eden's sister Kelly Capwell. The couple started a love affair until Robert mysteriously left town saying that he never loved Kelly.

Quinn Armitage came in town a few months after his brother had left, assuming his identity and fooling everyone around town. What Quinn had not anticipated was that he will fall in love with his brother's girlfriend Kelly Capwell. At the time, Quinn was working along with Flame Beaufort, who had helped him form his plan of taking over and she mostly directed all of Quinn's moves. Flame soon realized that Quinn and Kelly are deeply in love and she decided to make important moves to make sure that Quinn stays with her. After poisoning Kelly and pushing her down the stairs (which caused her to lose her baby[3]), she made her believe that "Robert" and her sister Eden were getting back together.[4]

Quinn's brother Robert managed to find a way to get back in town, and Quinn passed him off as "Quinn," but Robert's time in Santa Barbara was limited because Flame killed him and then everyone thought that Quinn was the brother that was murdered. Kelly realized that she was pregnant and "Robert" asked her to marry him. Kelly realized at the wedding that Robert was actually Quinn, but she knew in her heart that Quinn was the person that loved her and she went through with the wedding.[5] Flame was soon arrested and Kelly's father C.C. Capwell learned about Quinn and sent the police to get him. Quinn and Kelly took refuge on an island, but they were eventually separated when Quinn had to take the plane tickets from Kelly to escape from getting arrested.