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Air Force Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Located near Sandwich in Kent
RAF Ash is located in Kent
Coordinates 51°16′08″N 1°17′41″E / 51.2689°N 1.2947°E / 51.2689; 1.2947
Type Underground control centre and radar station
Site information
Owner Ministry of Defence
Controlled by Royal Air Force
Site history
Built 1939 (1939)
In use 1939-1998

RAF Ash (formerly RAF Sandwich) was an RAF underground control centre and radar station situated near the village of Woodnesborough, Kent, England.


RAF Sandwich was originally a Ground Controlled Interception (GCI) site situated in Ash Road, Sandwich. However, after the Second World War the area was chosen for one of a chain of ROTOR air defence radar stations and the site was relocated to an underground bunker 1.5 miles to the south-west in Marshborough Road, Ash, the new site being renamed RAF Ash.

RAF Ash was closed and the site sold in July 1998.[1] It is now used as a secure server farm by The Bunker, an Internet hosting company.[2]


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