Şermi Kadın

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Not to be confused with Rabia Sultan.
Şermi Kadın[1]
شرمی قادین
Turhan Hatice Valide Sultan Türbesi - cortile 1070188.JPG
Şermi Kadın is buried in The New Mosque, Istanbul.
Died c. 1732
Eski Palace, Beyazıt Square, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial Imperial ladies Mausoleum, New Mosque, Eminönü, Istanbul
Spouse Ahmed III
Full name
Turkish: Şermi Kadın
English: Sharmi Qadin
Ottoman Turkish: شرمی قادین
Religion Sunni Islam

Şermi Kadın (Ottoman Turkish: شرمی قادین‎; died c. 1732;[2] alias Rabia Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: رابعه سلطان‎) was a consort of Sultan Ahmed III and the mother of Sultan Abdul Hamid I.


On 20 March 1725 she gave birth to her only son Şehzade Abdul Hamid. In 1728, when he was three she commissioned a fountain in Şemsipaşa, Üsküdar. Ahmed was deposed in 1730, and his nephew Mahmud I ascended the throne. Şermi along with other ladies of Ahmed's harem went to the Eski Palce, located at the Beyazıt Square.[2]

Death and aftermath[edit]

She died in 1732, and was buried in the mausoleum of imperial ladies, New Mosque, Istanbul. Abdul Hamid ascended the throne in 1774 after the death of his elder half brother Mustafa III. However, she was never Valide Sultan, as she had died forty two years before Abdul Hamid ascended the throne. He created the Beylerbeyi Mosque in memory of his mother.[2]

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