Raising Taxes

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Raising Taxes
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Moist von Lipwig, Lord Vetinari, Adora Belle Dearheart

Raising Taxes was the working title of a possible Moist von Lipwig novel in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. However, the last Discworld book in the series that featured Moist von Lipwig was Raising Steam.

Raising Taxes was first alluded to during the promotional tour of Making Money.[1]

Near the end of Making Money, Lord Vetinari and Drumknott discuss the need to pose new challenges to Moist von Lipwig after the Royal Bank has been completely reformed. They consider the feasibility of Moist von Lipwig becoming Taxmaster, a position currently held by seventy-four-year-old Mr. Creaser, who adheres to inflexible and outdated methods. Mr. Creaser will need to be compelled to retire, while Moist may not be so eager to accept a job that does not create friends.[2]


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