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Legendary kings of Denmark
Reignearly 700's
SuccessorHarald Wartooth
Born7th century
ReligionNorse paganism

In Nordic legends, Randvér or Randver was, according to Sögubrot and the Lay of Hyndla, the son of Ráðbarðr the king of Garðaríki and Auðr the Deep-Minded, the daughter of Ivar Vidfamne. In these two sources, Auðr had Randver's brother, Harald Wartooth, in a previous marriage.

Hversu Noregr Byggðist says he is the son of Hrœrekr slöngvanbaugi and the brother of Harald Wartooth.

According to Hervarar saga both Randver and Harald Wartooth were the sons of Valdar and Alfhild, the daughter of Ivar Vidfamne. This saga relates that Ivar appointed Valdar the king of Denmark, and when Valdar died, he was succeeded by Randver. When his brother Harald, had reclaimed Götaland (or Gotland depending on the manuscript), Randver died hastily in England, and was succeeded by Sigurd Hring as the king of Denmark (probably as Harald's viceroy).

He was married to Ingild, the daughter of an unknown Swedish king. He was succeeded by his son Sigurd Hring.