Reckahn Solar Park

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Reckahn Solar Park
Coordinates52°20′N 12°33′E / 52.333°N 12.550°E / 52.333; 12.550Coordinates: 52°20′N 12°33′E / 52.333°N 12.550°E / 52.333; 12.550
Commission date2010, 2011
Solar field
TypeFlat-panel PV
Site area85 ha (210 acres) Site plan
Power generation
Nameplate capacity37.7 MWp

Reckahn Solar Park is a photovoltaic power station in Reckahn, Southwest of Berlin, Germany. It has a capacity of 37.7 megawatt (MW) and was constructed in three phases.[2][2][3][4] Reckahn I was 22.661 MW covering 56 hectares (140 acres) and was built by Beck Energy GmbH (Belectric) using 292,000 First Solar thin-film CdTe-panels, and was expected to produce about 22 gigawatt-hours per year.[5] Reckahn II added 13.3 MW, using 172,000 modules on a 35 hectares (86 acres) site.[6] Reckahn III, completed in 2011, added 1.8 MW, bringing the total to 37.7 MW. The FIT is 21.1 Euro cents per kilowatt-hour.[7]

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