Red Bus (New Zealand)

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Red Bus
Christchurch red bus logo.png
Locale New Zealand
Service area Christchurch
Service type bus service
Fuel type Diesel, CNG

Red Bus Ltd is a bus operator in Christchurch, New Zealand. Red Bus provides bus services around Christchurch with a fleet of 200 buses, which mainly consists of Designline super low floor buses.

Vehicle fleet[edit]

Red Bus has a fleet of around 200 vehicles, made up of about 120 Super Low Floor buses, 15 High Floor buses, 50 Super Low Floor tag buses, and 10 High Floor tag buses. The company also owned four electric shuttles.

Company history[edit]

Red Bus Ltd evolved from the Christchurch Transport Board.

The company is now fully owned by Christchurch City Holdings, a holding company of the Christchurch City Council.[1]


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