Remembrance of Earth's Past

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Remembrance of Earth's Past (Chinese: 地球往事) is a science fiction trilogy by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin, but Chinese readers generally refer to the series by the title of its first novel, The Three Body Problem (Chinese: 三体; literally: 'Three-Body').[1]

Remembrance of Earth's Past
Simplified Chinese地球往事
Traditional Chinese地球往事


The books in the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy are:[2]

Cinematic adaptations[edit]

The Three-Body Problem (Chinese: 三体) is a postponed Chinese science fiction 3D film[3] in-progress, adapted from The Three-Body Problem series by Liu Cixin, directed by Fanfan Zhang, and starring Feng Shaofeng and Zhang Jingchu.[4][5][6]


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