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Renovo Group plc
Public limited company
Industry Biotechnology
Founded October 2000
Defunct May 2011
Headquarters Manchester, United Kingdom
Key people
Mark Ferguson (CEO)
Number of employees
approx 110
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Renovo Group plc (formerly LSERNVO) was a biopharmaceutical company, which was founded in 1998 and was headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. It worked in the discovery and development of drugs to reduce scarring, improve wound healing and enhance tissue regeneration.[1] Renovo does not currently have any marketed products. It aimed "to be first to market with a scar prevention pharmaceutical drug in the US and Europe" in approximately 2014. Following the failure of its last clinical candidate Juvista, all 100 of Renovo's staff were laid off in 2011.[2][3][4]

Although the company stopped all pharmaceutical development it continued as a financial provider. In August 2014, Renovo Group plc was renamed Inspired Capital plc.[5][6]


Renovo does not currently have any marketed products. Its development pipeline currently includes one drug in phase III clinical development, two drugs in phase II clinical development, and numerous pre-clinical candidates.[7]

Drug Phase Action
Juvista Failed[8] Injected to the wound margins around the time of surgery causes a prevention or reduction of scarring through introduction of recombinant TGFβ3.
Adaprev Halted[9] Injected at the time of surgery for the prevention and reduction of scarring and adhesions between the tendon and surrounding tissues following tendon repair.].
Prevascar Halted[10] Injected to the wound margins around the time of surgery causes a reduction of scarring through suppression of TGFβ1 and TGFβ2.
Juvidex Renovo planned to partner Juvidex as a cosmetic ingredient for the improvement of skin appearance and to promote the healing of damaged skin.
RN1005 Phase I Clinical trial RN1005 is an advanced preclinical candidate pharmaceutical, discovered by Renovo, targeting the Wnt pathway to reduce scarring and enhance tissue regeneration.


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