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Celltech Group
HeadquartersSlough, UK
Key people
Goran Ando (CEO)

Celltech Group plc was a leading British-based biotechnology business based in Slough. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.


The Company was founded by Gerard Fairtlough in 1980 with finance from the National Enterprise Board.[1]

In 1999 the Company led consolidation in the UK biosciences market merging with Chiroscience plc and then buying Medeva plc.[2] Then in 2000 it bought Cistron, a US biosciences business.[3] It expanded into Germany in 2001 buying Thiemann, a German biosciences business,[4] and went on to buy Oxford Glycosciences in July 2003 for £102m.[5] Celltech was acquired by UCB, a Belgian drugmaker, in 2004.[6] Since then it has been known as UCB Celltech.


The Company was engaged in research and development of therapies for patients with serious diseases. Products included:[7]

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