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Rentrak Corporation
Industry Media Measurement
Founded Portland, Oregon, United States (1977 (1977))
Headquarters Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Key people
Bill Livek CEO
David Chemerow [COO/CFO]
Bruce Goerlich [CRO]
Jeon Rezvani CIO
Cathy Hetzel Corporate President
Products Audience measurement
Revenue US$ 99.2 million (2012)[1]
Number of employees
450+ (2011)[2]

Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQRENT) is a global media measurement and research company serving the entertainment industry.[1] Rentrak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, United States, with additional U.S. and international offices and employs more than 450 people worldwide.[3]

Company Information[edit]

Rentrak has developed metrics to be used as database currencies for the evaluation and selling of entertainment content across many platforms including box office, multi-screen television, and home video.[4] The company tracks viewing behavior from more than 20 million televisions across all 210 markets.[5] The company is the only company in the industry to provide video on demand measurement, obtained from set-top box data, and is also the sole provider of real-time box office ticket sales intelligence worldwide.[6] Rentrak publishes weekly entertainment charts ranking the top ten in box office, video on demand, DVD sales and rentals, video game sales and TV engagement.[7]


Rentrak began as a nationwide video chain named National Video, which was founded and incorporated in 1977.[8] National Video founder, Ron Berger, developed what is now known as the pay-per-transaction (PPT) system, which allows studios and retailers to lease movie titles instead of purchasing them. The company went public in 1986.[9]

In 1988, facing competition from rival Blockbuster Video, Berger sold the National Video franchise chain and renamed the company Rentrak.[8] Ron Berger later resigned as CEO of Rentrak in 2000. Paul Rosenbaum served as CEO from Sept. 2000 to June 2009, when Bill Livek was appointed CEO.[10] Bill Livek extended his contract, along with the company’s COO/CFO, David Chemerow, to mid-2015 in November 2011.[11]

In December 2009, Rentrak acquired Nielsen EDI, a leader in box office measurement, for $15 million. The deal made Rentrak the sole provider of worldwide box office ticket sales information for studios and industry analysts.[12][13]

As of Nov 14, 2011, the company passed the 100-client station mark for its local television measurement service and now has almost 200 station clients, across a multitude of station groups and markets, using its StationView Essentials product for daily media measurement.[14]

Mark Cuban, Internet billionaire, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and the HDNet networks, purchased 120,000 more Rentrak shares on Aug 22, 2011 and holds an 8.7 percent ownership stake in the company as of Sep 22, 2011. He has been accumulating Rentrak stock since 2004.[15]

Financial Information[edit]

Consolidated revenue increased 16 percent to $28.5 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, from $24.6 million for the same period last year. The company's Advanced Media and Information ("AMI") business grew 25 percent and its Home Entertainment business advanced 8 percent. AMI division revenue increased to $14.6 million for the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter, from $11.6 million for the same period last year, and represented 51 percent of Rentrak's consolidated revenue, versus 47 percent for the same period last year. Revenue in the company's Home Entertainment business improved to $14.0 million, from $13.0 million for last year's fiscal fourth quarter.[1]

Consolidated revenue for fiscal 2013 grew to $99.2 million, up from $91.1 million for the previous year. AMI revenue grew 31 percent to $54.1 million, up from $41.4 million last year. Home Entertainment revenue was $45.1 million, compared with $49.7 million for fiscal 2012.[1]

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