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National Republican Alliance
Leader Redha Malek
Secretary-General Belkacem Sahli
Founded 5 May 1995; 22 years ago (1995-05-05)
Ideology Secular nationalism,
Algerian nationalism
Colors Green, Red
People's National Assembly
8 / 462
Seal of Algeria.svg
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The National Republican Alliance (Alliance Nationale Républicaine, ANR) is a minor Algerian political party led by ex-Prime Minister Redha Malek and founded on 5 May 1995.[1] It is sometimes considered an offshoot of the older FLN. The ANR is strongly anti-Islamist, and denounced the 1995 Sant'Egidio accords, while later backing the referendum on national reconciliation. It received 208,379 votes in the elections of June 1997, but boycotted the 2002 elections, claiming they would be rigged.

2007 elections[edit]

In the May, 2007 elections, the ANR received 126,444 votes, or 2.21%. This gave them 4 seats in parliament.

Name Province
Hadj Bechikh Mostaganem[permanent dead link]
Madjid Bektache Béjaïa
Abderezak Chibane Blida
Abdelkader Lourdjane Tissemsilt

Regional strength[edit]

In the Algerian legislative election, 2007, support for the ANR was higher than its national average (2.21%) in the following provinces:


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