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Entrance gate on the railway spur at the former Rhosgoch oil terminal

Rhosgoch (Red Moor) is a small village in the north of the island of Anglesey, Wales, about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) to the south-west of Amlwch.[1]

A short distance to the west of the village is the small lake Llyn Hafodol and a mile to the south is Anglesey's largest body of water the reservoir Llyn Alaw (Water Lily Lake).[1]

The village once had a station on the Anglesey Central Railway.[2] Although the tracks still exist, no train has run on them since 1993.[3] Also connected to the railway, was a short south-west facing spur that led to an oil terminal. This was linked to a floating dock in the sea off of Amlwch, where super-tankers could dock in all tides and feed oil via Rhosgoch and a pipeline to Stanlow oil refinery. This operation lasted for 16 years between 1974 and 1990.[4]


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