Rhythm of Love Tour

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Rhythm of Love Tour
Tour by Kylie Minogue
Km roltbook.jpg
Programme for the Japanese leg of the tour
Associated album Rhythm of Love
Start date 10 February 1991
End date 10 March 1991
Legs 2
No. of shows 12 in Australia
7 in Asia
19 Total
Kylie Minogue concert chronology

The Rhythm of Love Tour was the third conert tour by Kylie Minogue, in support of her 1990 album Rhythm of Love. Beginning on 10 February 1991, the tour visited Australia and East Asia.

The concerts showcased a more confident Minogue as she began to command control over her image, as well as new songs from the album Rhythm of Love, which offered a then new sound for the Australian pop star. Costumes for the shows, with exception of the opening outfit (a Rigby Peller basque and PVC shorts) were designed by the same team as Kylie's previous two tours and marked the final time she would engage their services.

Planned VHS release for the show, recorded in Sydney Australia was cancelled in favour of an updated version of the tour following its extension into Europe in late 1991. By then, it had become known as the Let's Get to It Tour in support of a new studio album of the same name, with new wardrobe, modified set list and a much more live assured Minogue.


  1. "Step Back in Time"
  2. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  3. "Got to Be Certain"
  4. "Always Find The Time"
  5. "Enjoy Yourself"
  6. "Tears on My Pillow"
  7. "Secrets"
  8. "Help!"
  9. "I Should Be So Lucky"
  10. "What Do I Have to Do?"
  11. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"
  12. "One Boy Girl"
  13. "Love Train"
  14. "Rhythm of Love"
  15. "Shocked"
  1. "Hand on Your Heart"
  2. "Count the Days"
  3. "The Loco-Motion"
  4. "Better the Devil You Know"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
10 February 1991 Canberra Australia National Indoor Sports Centre
13 February 1991 Perth Perth Entertainment Centre
15 February 1991 Adelaide Memorial Drive Park
16 February 1991 Melbourne National Tennis Centre
17 February 1991 Euroa Seven Creeks Run Amphitheatre
19 February 1991 Melbourne National Tennis Centre
20 February 1991
22 February 1991 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre
23 February 1991 Sydney Sydney Entertainment Centre
24 February 1991
26 February 1991
27 February 1991
1 March 1991 Telok Blangah Singapore Harbour Pavilion
2 March 1991 Bangkok Thailand Thailand Cultural Centre
3 March 1991 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Stadium Negara
4 March 1991 Tokyo Japan Tokyo Bay NK Hall
6 March 1991 Osaka Osaka-jō Hall
8 March 1991 Nagoya Nagoya Rainbow Hall
10 March 1991 Fukuoka Fukuoka Kokusai Center


  • Kylie Minogue - producer, concept
  • Terry Blamey - administration
  • Adrian Scott - musical director
  • Nick Pitts - tour manager
  • Henry Crallam - production manager
  • Clive Franks - sound manager
  • Jonathon Smeeton - lighting director
  • Venol John - choreographer, dancer
  • Yvonne Savage - assistant
  • Carol Minogue - wardrobe supervisor
  • Adrian Scott - keyboards
  • John Creech - drums
  • Jamie Jardine - guitar
  • Craig Newman - bass
  • Tania Smith - keyboards
  • Gerry Ciavarella - saxophone
  • Nicki Nicholls - backing vocals
  • Deni Hines - backing vocals
  • James Uluave - backing vocals
  • Richard Allen - dancer
  • Cosima Dusting - dancer
  • Simone Kay - dancer
  • Mitchell Bartlett - dancer


  • The Rhythm Of Love Tour was recorded in Sydney, at the final show of the Australian leg. The footage remains unreleased. The photo stills of this recording appeared on the internet in January 2014. On 6 August 2015 a short montage of Step Back In Time, dance sequence of Shocked and the full performance of Count The Days appeared on YouTube. The full concert footage remains unreleased.
  • In commemoration of the tour, a special edition of Rhythm Of Love was released in Australia, including remixed versions of the songs "Better the Devil You Know", "Step Back in Time", and "What Do I Have To Do" as bonus tracks. The album came in a normal CD Case with a gold slip cover
  • there is also a poor quality audio recording of the full 15 February 1991 Adelaide Memorial Drive Park show on soundcloud

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