Rina Nakanishi

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Rina Nakanishi
Native name 中西里菜
Birth name Rina Nakanishi
Also known as Rico Yamaguchi
Born (1988-06-26) June 26, 1988 (age 29)
Ōita Prefecture, Japan
Occupation(s) Japanese idol, adult video idol
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005-2008 (AKB48)
2010-2012 (AV idol)
Associated acts AKB48
Rico Yamaguchi
Native name やまぐち りこ
Height 1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Website iloverico.jp/pc
No. of adult films 12

Rina Nakanishi (Japanese: 中西 里菜, Hepburn: Nakanishi Rina, born June 26, 1988 in Ōita Prefecture) is a former singer for the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, and former adult video idol, using the name Rico Yamaguchi (Japanese: やまぐち りこ, Hepburn: Yamaguchi Riko).



In 2005, Nakanishi dropped out of high school in Ōita Prefecture in order to audition for the Japanese female pop singing group AKB48. She passed the audition and became one of the first generation members of the group as part of AKB48's "Team A" and also the unit Chocolove from AKB48.[1] She made an appearance, along with other AKB48's members, at the 58th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen.[2] In November 2008, she graduated from AKB48 after the final performance of Team A's 4th Stage Revival, leaving because of chronic back pain and asthma.[3] In June 2010, she stated on her fan club official blog site that she would be returning to her hometown of Ōita to take a break and recharge.[3][4][5]

AV idol[edit]

The following month, she began a new career as an actress in the adult video (AV) industry,[3][6] debuting for the Alice Japan company with Rico Yamaguchi AV Debut.[7] For her AV appearances, she began using the new name Rico Yamaguchi (やまぐち りこ, Yamaguchi Riko), and she also a different birth date on her new profile (December 12, 1990). Although she only began her AV career in August 2010, the major Japanese video retailer DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation) ranked her #1 in DVD sales for the entire year of 2010,[8] and she ranked #5 at DMM for the first half of 2011.[9] She released a nude photobook, Departure, and she has starred in further adult videos for Alice Japan[10] and, in 2011, for the Soft On Demand company.

In March 2011, Rina's younger sister made her AV debut under the name "Riku Yamaguchi" (やまぐちりく, Yamaguchi Riku)[11][12][13] with the movie Real Young Sister's National Icon Rico AV Debut (「私のお姉ちゃんは、やまぐちりこです・・・」 あの国民的アイドルの妹 やまぐちりく AV Debut).[14] The two sisters appeared together in the movie The Rico Yamaguchi and Sister Riku Yamaguchi First and Last Collaboration (最初で最後の姉妹共演 やまぐちりこ やまぐちりく), released in December 2011.[15]

In February 2012, it was announced that both Rico and her sister Riku would be retiring from the adult video business.[16] Their last release was a five-DVD set containing all twelve of Rico's videos and all eleven of Riku's, with some new material.[16]

Personal life[edit]

On June 13, 2013, she announced on her blog that she is now married.[17] On September 21, 2013, it was revealed she had a child.[18]


as Rina Nakanishi[edit]

  • Nakanishi Rina First Shashinshū: AKB48 Graduation (中西里菜 First 写真集 ~AKB48 Graduation~), March 2009

as Rico Yamaguchi[edit]

  • Departure (やまぐちりこ 1st写真集「DEPARTURE」) (2010-07-10, Futabasha) ISBN 978-4-575-30241-7
  • Recall (「りこぉる やまぐちりこ2nd 写真集」) (2010-12-17, Futabasha) ISBN 978-4-575-30285-1


As Rina Nakanishi[edit]

  • Nakanishi Rina First DVD: AKB48 Graduation (中西里菜 First DVD ~AKB48 Graduation~), April 24, 2009

As Rico Yamaguchi[edit]

Release date[19] Video title Company Director Notes
2010-08-27 Rico Yamaguchi AV Debut
やまぐちりこ AV DEBUT
Alice Japan
Shin AV Debut
2010-09-24 Sensitive Body Be Tied - Rico Yamaguchi
敏感なカラダ。ピクピクしちゃった やまぐちりこ
Alice Japan
2010-10-22 4 Styles of Rich Sex - Rico Yamaguchi
本能を呼び覚ます濃厚なる4つのSEX やまぐちりこ
Alice Japan
2010-11-26 Sex within 2.5 Seconds - Rico Yamaguchi
出会って2.5秒で合体 やまぐちりこ
Alice Japan
2010-12-24 Endless Cleaning Fellatio - Rico Yamaguchi
終わらないお掃除フェラ やまぐちりこ
Alice Japan
2011-01-08 SOD Debut!! Ultra Thin Digital Mosaic Debut!
国民的アイドルやまぐちりこSOD降臨!! 超極小デジタルモザイク Debut!!
Minami Haou
2011-02-05 School Costume Play / Gakuen Cosplay
学園コスプレ やまぐちりこ
2011-03-05 My Wife is a National Idol - Rico Yamaguchi
僕の奥さんは国民的アイドル やまぐちりこ
2011-04-07 Rico Yamaguchi - Pervert Play Sex
やまぐちりこ 国民的アイドルは変態プレイがお好き!?
2011-05-07 Rico Yamaguchi - Perfect Camera Eye
やまぐちりこ エッチ中も、フェラ中も、何をされても絶対にカメラ目線!!
2011-06-04 Rico Yamaguchi - National Idol, The Awake of Sexual Desire
やまぐちりこ 国民的アイドル、性欲、覚醒
Minami Haou
2011-07-07 Love Love Living Together Diary
国民的アイドルやまぐちりこ ラブラブ同棲日記
2011-12-08 The Rico Yamaguchi and Sister Riku Yamaguchi First and Last Collaboration
最初で最後の姉妹共演 やまぐちりこ やまぐちりく
ふぁっと☆ぼーい Co-starring Riku Yamaguchi, her real-life sister.


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